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The Video Game. made up of Codes, Graphics, Music and Much more. When compiled and overseen by a Game Engine all of them work together to make your game come alive. The Video Game follows the natural order of the world set by a Game Developer. But how does the natural order works?

takes place on “the game” a completely incomplete video game that is constantly bombarded with patches and updates.

We are the people inside your games who make sure your game work well for your enjoyment.

Working With Role Playing Game Is a comedy (and possibly Satire who knows) Video Games Series that tackles well known Video Games Tropes mostly in the Role Playing Game Genre.

at least you won't get disappointed than those RPG maker games on steam.

Genre: Comedy

char_Hero01 – “The Hero”

A hero who was just born out of the code from a cramming game developer from a Deadline-Strict Game Development Studio who don’t know his place in the world with the “Natural Order” of things. Always thinking he should defeat every evil despite the constant re-spawning of them as well he is afraid to battle anyway.

char_Darklord01 – “The Darklord”

Nicknamed “Rufus”. He Is the Darklord of the game. He the one who cause chaos around the hero (if he remembers to pay his minions again) he loves to show off his character too much tho, to a point nobody would take him seriously (except for the hero who really wants him dead).

Char_Hero02 – “Edward”
The Hero’s Best friend and companion who help him on his grand adventure. But actually a useless companion with no sufficient contribution or usefulness on the hero adventures tho.

char_HeroAssistant – “Exposition”
Hey, Listen.

char_NPCGuild01 – “The Guild Master”
Nicknamed “Michel” he is the one who managed the world guild the hero is in. He is the one who manages all Playable character, Managed all quest from NPC, Provides assistant and such.

RPG Maker MV – “The Game Engine”
Nicknamed “MV”. The overseer for the game every character is in. He manages all codes, graphics, sound, etc… working with his Assistants to make sure every time you start your favorite game, nothing go amassed.
And More Character that would just be a spoiler if I tell you them all.

Episode_ -1 - "Grinding, Updating, and More Grinding"
The pilot version of the game. We will see the story of the hero who was just created for the game. And want to get stronger to defeat the villains he will face.

The game is free!

The game will be available for free to download on the PC version, Web version (itch.io, Kongregate, Newgrounds versions) will be available with advertisement and or donation enable. While steam and mobile version (TBD) might be available for a fee.

Working with Role Playing Games - Copyright 2018 Jomarcenter Gaming Studio/Jomarcenter media

Project 9 Game

This is a parody game. Don't sue us.

Latest Blog

Episode 0 - Incomplete Development copy release

Episode 0 version 0.3 Download have been release to the public on both RPGMaker.net and Itch.io.

We are releasing episode 0 incomplete copy out to the public because that how you release a game right.

Anyways jokes aside. We are releasing Episode 0 incomplete version out to the public for a public testing. Please do take note that is in development and not every portion of episode 0 is complete. Expect bugs as we continue to developer Episode 0 and 1.
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the idea looks very interesting best of luck to you man : )
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