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Terrorists once threatened the whole world. Their thirst for power lead to a massive war that caused destruction and countless deaths. Many had suffered. Some took their own lives just to escape being tortured. Others yet held to hope, didn't falter, and continued to break from the grasp of darkness. The battle was hard-fought and it took several years, but, the prisoners, and the world at large, finally regained freedom and peace.

It's been more than two decades since the war ended. Castrafort, where the last battle took place, became a city symbolizing the bravery shown by the people that stood firmly as a constant reminder that no terrorist attack were to ever happen again. All of this were made possible by the sole ruler and the city's General.

Even so, there were residents of Castrafort that did not see the city as a beacon of hope and peace. They saw it as a blighted curse upon the land. They saw the General, and what he was doing for Castrafort, for what it was: tyranny.


- A Short Action Adventure and Puzzle RPG.
- 4 Playable Characters: Caelum, Zed, Mei and Gion.
- Challenging Puzzles
- Switch Among 4 Characters to Solve Puzzles
- Balanced Battles
- Stealth
- Search for Hidden Items to Discover Multiple Endings

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