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Really Hard Game is an OHR game detailing the heroic quest of John Hardgame to kill every demon in the land of REALLY HARD GAME. Unlock the buried secrets of the land, and fight alongside temporary companions, including an egg, an elf, a guy, and a lawyer. However, watch out! The land of REALLY HARD GAME is pretty hard. You will die a lot and stuff.

It is available for Windows and Mac.


There are 4 different classes in Really Hard Game. You can be the guy with a sword, the guy with a magic shooter thing, the guy with a gun, and the fat guy. Never play the fat guy, he's really bad. You can select which stats you want to level up by using rocks that enemies drop. Each class has weapon arts specific to them, except for the magic guy, who has magic stuff. You can fight a big rock, a boy band, 2 trees, and more.


-The music is not mine, see README file for details.

-The graffix are OG, except from the demons, which I made in Photoshop.

Full walkthrough here:


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