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God is dead, in his place the Spirit Lords now rule the Chain. Bastion has been Sealed Against the Frozen Aeons since the War of Pride, but now that an Ancient Artifect has been redicovered in the Heart of Bastion, the Spirit Lords have turned their eyes towards the Sealed Planet and search for a means to break the Seal of Olion and bring Bastion under the rule of the Lords once again. The Races of Bastion, long ignorant of the other Planets of the Chain, will need to unite with each other or else fall to the rule of the Spirit Lords.

Brother Paws is a young Monk who will do anything to defeat the man who destroyed his family, even if it means becoming what he hates in the process. But when Brother Paws stumbles into a fight for a lost Artifact known as the Left Hand of God, he suddenly realizes not just his revenge is at stake, it may be that the entire Planet of Bastion will pay for his actions if he cannot keep the Magical Artifect from those who will stop at nothing to recover it.

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