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My Let's Play of the Demo


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The thing in all RPG makers is that if an enemy has a Heal move, they will favour it to the very end, If Dragon Lord's main actions are set to 5, set the Heal to 3 and it won't be spammed like crazy but will still be used enough to be worth giving to him.
I'm using Yanfly's Battle AI Core which allows me to control an enemy's behavior better than the shitty default options. All enemies that have healing have a set chance of casting it as long as they meet the requirements like having enough MP & HP at 25% or lower. The Dragonlord & the 2 new bosses always cast Healmore 100% of the time they fall below 25% HP as long as they have the MP for it.
Ah, so it's deliberate, fair enough.
If this Proj is received well, would a possible DQ II remake be on the cards?
Definitely. I've been wanting to get around to that after I finish up this game. I'd be more motivated if more people appreciate this remake, but even if it isn't that popular I may still give it a try just so I can play an updated version of it.

I may even want to tackle Dragon Quest 3 as well, using the GBC version as a reference, including Monster Medals & the bonus Ice Dungeon with the Grand Dragon & Rubiss Sword.
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