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Talk Like a King: Ties That Bind is a remake of our first game, Talk Like a King, a visual novel conversation-style puzzle game released in 2016. We've revamped all the art, added new characters and options, as well as many more features!

What happens when it's time for you to take up the responsibility of becoming the Underworld King, but you have no interest? You runaway!
Though getting out of the castle is not an easy task, with a servant or family member here and there everyone will try to stop you on your way out.
Help Princess Verbena make her way out of the castle to escape her royal fate. Talk your way out of getting sent back to your room, be persuasive, witty, charming, truthful, and maybe even hurtful to some...


...And a few more secret characters!

  • 14 endings

  • 7 characters to talk and to get to know

  • 2 unlockable characters

  • Updated Art & HUD

  • 20k+ word count

  • Suspicion tracker

  • Otome elements

  • An interactive visual novel with plenty of choices

  • Walking portions now added between conversations

  • Counter Attacks are now possible during conversations

  • Added Mini-Game after game endings

  • ...and a SAVE FEATURE!!

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