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I will finish this in 2019

So in 2018 I published 6 games (some on different platforms). They were all made within event or game jam constraints. That number would have been 7 had I finished this game. But various factors prevented me from rushing this game out the door. Part of me just wants to finish things even if they have an abrupt cut off point, another part of me hates things taking too long if the method of creating content becomes too overwhelming.

But a small piece of me cares about this game being something more than a game jam offshoot. Games like Nemoral and Kryopolis used a lot of pre-existing assets to get the art side of content done faster but Soleil (this game) is completely original in its background work. I try really hard to make the environments look organic and strange and a little expressive.

Figuring out the best methods for organizing areas took a lot of time.

The puzzles can take a mere day to come up with and program. But due to the nature of the ideas I put into the game, I feel the set dressing around them is just as important. This is really hard to put forth in a game jam environment where the idea is to put the game together in a month. I also didn't really want to break the stride of just finishing games for its own sake. But in 2019 it'll be a very different goal. Essentially finish what I started or wanted to do but couldn't sort of goals. Where the ground work is already laid out but the goal is to still finish before the end of the year. Soleil will be one of those endeavors.

So stayed tuned I guess.

Progress Report

Delayed teaser

So I've been meaning to throw out a small teaser (containing only 2-3 puzzles) just to get some feedback while finishing the actual rest of the game. But I've been sick recently and don't really want to push anything. This is classic game development delay, a teaser made as a result of missing a deadline only to miss the deadline for said teaser.

I have my health reasons. But here's at least the WIP starting area with some ladder action.

Progress Report

Mcguffin door completed

Assuming you get all of the orbs or "keys" (all laid out for testing purposes) from the puzzles you solved, the door that locks you out until you place them into the slots is now implemented. Very lazily inefficient copy pasted programming was done to accomplish this but at least everything functional for the planned demo is done. Last thing to do is to do more backgrounds and maybe a ladder climbing functionality/animation.

If things go well I might have a day to just add meaningless interactions to make the game more "alive" (but then again I have a lot of sound effects to implement still). But yeah potentially a day of polish to slot in.

2 days and 21 hours remains
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