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Secret Santa 2019 Write-up: "Ya did good, Kit. Ya did good."

  • Marrend
  • 12/26/2019 01:28 PM
This is a write-up based on my play-through of the "Finished" version of Shackled Seas.

I will note that in my play, the sea battles were throwing missing file errors for "Clouds" and "Sky" for the battle backgrounds. The game wasn't encrypted, so I was able to peek inside, and see what's going on. It seems setting the battleback via an event command, at least for ship-battles, isn't going to work. However, a script-call...

$game_system.ship_battleback1 = "00-Ocean"

...can set it. This issue may, or may not, be fixed in future updates? That aside, enjoy!

Dear Journal, my first day as a Treasure Hunter was quite a full one! All I expected to do today was visit the abandoned mine, pick up a few trinkets, and go back home to Onile Village. But, no. That was not to be my fate this day.

The pirate captain Lucafont decided to come to Onile, seeking a Treasure Hunter. In hopes to protect the village, I came forward. They apparently want my help in finding an ancient treasure. I'm just starting out, so, I don't know how much help I can really be. I also don't trust them at all. I was perfectly aware that I didn't really have a choice in the matter, but, who's to say that I won't find a dagger in my back after I've found the treasure for them?

Theses are the thoughts running through my head as we sail for their base camp. Tomorrow we should arrive. I fear I will have no more entries, but, should I survive...

Well, let's see what tomorrow brings. We should have landfall by then.

Dear Journal, my life continues to be a veritable whirlpool of events!

So, today, I ventured into the treasure cove, and extracted an Owl Totem from it. However, I did not deliver it to the pirates. Not exactly.

There was apparently band of pirate-hunters that made landfall, and were confronting Lucafont. I pretended to side with Lucafont for a moment. Long enough for him to lower his guard, and for me to swipe a Lucky Charm! Naturally, a battle ensued. Lucafont was able to retreat in the chaos, but, I was at least free from his influence. Reflecting on it now, I don't know if my actions will have repercussions on Onile later.

Either way, I'm still stuck on this island. If it wasn't with Lucafont, it's these pirate-hunters. For now, they want to investigate this cave, and the treasures within. Of course, they want my help, and I don't see that I have any room for negotiation.

Dear Journal, I made a choice today. I've decided to follow Senan to help deal with the pirates. I don't regret my decision to double-cross Lucafont. At least, not yet. However, I cannot simply go back to Onile like nothing has happened.

We found two artifacts in today's delve. Both are mysteries, but, the one we wrestled from a guardian may have something to do with the Tidestone. There are legends that tie the thing to the Twil Lighthouse, but, there is another matter to attend to for this crew.

Enzo is dead. He didn't listen to Senan's order to fall back when it was getting ready to explode. The loss hit Senan really hard. How long they've been together as a team? I don't know. I just got here! We'll set sail tomorrow for Olmore to drop of Doctor Kleb and allow him to perform the rites for Enzo. There was talk of letting me return home before sailing to only God knows where.

The options before us seem to be as wide as the sea, itself. We can either go after pirates, or figure out what the nature of this artifact is. If it actually is the Tidestone, or not. All I know is that being on Frigate #163 is going to be quite an adventure!

Dear Journal, we've deiced to investigate this Tidestone. If that's what it is. Going after the pirate hideout would just be suicide at this point.

We first sailed back to Olmore for a supply run, then sailed to Twil to see if there was anything additional we could learn. Ronnie's brother, Josie, pointed us to the lighthouse. The legend had already pointed us in that direction, so, I suppose we ultimately didn't learn anything new?

The lighthouse hasn't been lit in years, apparently. Kinda spooky. I bet they'll be all kinds of tricks and traps in there. Maybe some tidbits of treasure, as well as the information we're looking for. For now, though, we rest. Ultimately, we don't know what we'll find in there, and erring on the side of caution certainly can't hurt. Senan doesn't want to make the same mistake again, that's for sure!

Dear Journal, apparently, there's more to the lighthouse than meets the eye. We couldn't get the door to budge even one inch! There must be something we missed back in Twil. We figured Josie wouldn't be helpful, and we tried putting our heads together to figure out if there was anybody else in town we could ask. As we arrived, we overheard a child singing. It was about the Lighthouse! We talked to both mother and child, and were redirected to a painter.

This painter was something else! She paints so beautifully, and she's blind!? She showed us a book of tales and legends of the Tidestone, meant to be read by the blind. She relayed to us one such legend of there being a song that, combined with the Tidestone, would open the way. She sang to us that very song, and the stone reacted!

We went to the lighthouse, and Ronnie sang the song. The stone reacted, and the way became open. We took a quick peek inside, and couldn't help but to notice how dark it was. Still, we weren't sure how long the door would stay open, and pressed on. We lit a few of the lamps to be able to see, and I was able to get a better sense of secret paths that lead to treasure.

We've fought a number of creatures since entering, so, it might behoove me to write more when the situation is more appropriate.

Dear Journal, so much has happened, I'm not sure if I can even process it all. Perhaps writing it will help ease the mind, and help me get some much-needed rest.

Okay, so, we weren't sure what to expect, but, the top of the lighthouse was a woman wearing cocktail dress. She wasn't responding to our words, so, we held out the stone, and had Ronnie sing. That woke her up!

She was Aurelia, the wife of the man who locked the lighthouse away to begin with. She's been trapped up there for centuries, we figure. As we spoke with her, the Silver Ambrose approached. The ship of Pirate King Bosanti. He wanted the Tidestone, and I was willing to cooperate with him, should he not harm the others. But, he turned right around, and sunk Frigate #163, claiming that he was still within the letter of his word. That Bastard! I will never forgive him!

I jumped overboard with the Tidestone. I washed ashore on a beach near Olmore, but, the stone, itself, is at the bottom of the ocean. Somewhere. Doctor Kleb made a house-call. Apparently, Ronnie is still alive, at least. We don't know anything about Senan yet

Still, I don't know what our next move is. Our ship has sunk, and we have a little over two thousand doubloons to our name. I suppose the best thing we can do now is see how Ronnie is doing tomorrow, and maybe our three heads can come up with some kind of plan of action.

Dear Journal, we've decided to go to the sea cove, up north. We've tried going there before, but, the path was blocked by some kind of barrier. According to Doctor Kleb, we can go through if we're a "friend of the ocean". Which translates to having a Water Gem.

Apparently, there's a pilgramige, or ritual to go through to get one. However, the Auction House had one that nobody was bidding on. We could either pay five hundred doubloons, or do a favor for the auctioneer. We decided on the favor, which involved giving iron for the blacksmith to work on. We shipped back the crate of swords, and snagged us that Water Gem!

That aside, I'm not sure what we're going to find in that cave. Unless there's a huge cache of money here that we can use to buy another ship? It might be possible, but, fate, like the sea, can be a fickle mistress.

Dear Journal, we managed to find Senan in the cove, but, I fear it might be too late. Ronnie refuses to believe this. Which I can understand, to a degree.

Be that as it may, we found a woman by the name of Danika who gave us refuge and her ship for a bargain price of 1000 doubloons. We took a rest, and the very next day, we sailed towards Twil. Of course, our encounter with the Silver Ambrose was inevitable. Ronnie was hell-bent on vengeance.

The ship retreated during the battle, sailing towards Pirate's Cove. We tried to peruse, but, the entrance was sealed. From there, we sailed back to Olmore to talk to Doctor Kleb. He could do nothing for Senan, as we feared. As for Bosanti, Danika's men have a lookout on Pirate's Cove. We don't know if he has the Tidestone or not, but, that's not the reason we're going. It's what Senan would have wanted.

Until we get the signal, though, I'm not sure what we can do. We should probably discuss that soon.

Dear Journal, the signal was given, and we arrived at Pirate Cove. We had to talk Ronnie out of going straight after Bosanti out of blind rage. That would just see her dead. With my senses, we were able to find a path that raised no alarms, and parley with one of the captains.

Our basis was pretty simple. Ronnie's grudge was against the Pirate King, and the sinking of Frigate #163 when there was a promise no harm would come to it (or us) should I help him. I noticed one of the men that was on the Silver Ambrose during that attack, and he actually backed her up when questioned.

Of course, Bosanti called for a trial by combat, and proved a tough, and very undead, opponent. The Pocket Watch artifact I obtained earlier came in use, and the man is now totally dead, instead of half-dead.

There is now the matter of the Tidestone, which seems to be in the hands of an ancient creature from the depths of hell, itself. Aurelia says that it took the gods, themselves, to stop such a creature before. Still, we must do something! But first, we must prepare as much as we can. There's no telling what it's capable of.

Dear Journal, I think we all owe our lives to that Pocket Watch! While it's true that we weakened that Kracken significantly with the Albatross, it proved immensely useful to give us the time to recover from it's attacks, and ultimately tip the scales to our benefit.

Afterward, we met a contingent of men, presumably from Drusk, that awarded us a bounty of a million doubloons! A million doubloons! I'm not sure if I'll ever get over that, much less what I could do with my share!

I was almost ready to retire back to Onlie, the Tidestone out of my hands, and away from the Shackled Seas. However, I suppose Ronnie and the others have a point. Just because we overcame this danger doesn't mean there is nothing else to do here. There's always a treasure to find just around the corner. And, if fate be kind, perhaps we can sail beyond the Shackled Seas, to adventure unknown. Of course, I will always have a place in Onile and Olmore, but, the world seems ours for the taking!


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