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Need a little help figuring this game out! Let this page lend you a hand! Naturally, this information is contained under hide-tags.

Gate of Ice

Your first order of business is to examine both statues, the tablet, and the gate. Then, align your position so that your stand in line-of-sight with both statues. If you're in the right place, using the Action Button should reveal a hidden switch that you can activate. When you do, approach the Gate, access the menu, and press "Quit". When the game asks you to confirm, say "No", and the gate will open.

Gate of Light

This puzzle is a maze. You open the gate by finding the light that does not disaapear. The shortest route is highlighted on the image below.

Gate of Life

Place a maker on all tiles on this image marked with region 4. These represent the habitable areas.

Gate of Darkness

This is another maze. You open the gate by finding an area of complete blackness, and using the Action Button on the center tile. The route I always use (because it has a landmark) is highlighted below.

Gate of Fire

Read the tablet. Then, align yourself so that you're facing a rock, then channel your inner Okiku press the button assigned to virtual gamepad "X". The default keyboard press for this is "A", if I recall correctly. If you're within range, the rock should be destroyed. After all six are blown up, the gate should be open.

Gate of Death

Align the statues to the center of the dais, then stand on that spot. Use the Action Button, and the gate will open.