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Do you remember that dumb meme game you made back in high school? The one about your favorite YouTuber, fighting to save the world from some generic edgelord? The one you can’t help but look back on and groan?

I made a game like that too, once upon a time. This is not it.

Let’s start with a little background. In early 2009, a vlogger named Boxxy went viral. I joined her fan forum, and ended up making a gag RPG for its users. “BoxxyQuest: The Shifted Spires” was my first experience with game creation – and believe me, it showed.

But for whatever reason, the idea stuck with me. The world and its characters just kept clinging to my heart. So a few years later, I thought, “What if I went back to that story, but actually did it justice this time?” So I gathered up a few friends, including Catie “Boxxy” Wayne herself, and together we set out to make something truly special.

This is a game that defies appearances and expectations. A game that sounds so bad, it shouldn’t possibly be good. And yet, if you take the plunge, you may find yourself swept away by a thrilling tale unlike any you’ve seen before. A tale of hope and self-discovery that will stay with you forever, (whether you want it to or not).

*This game contains swearing and very brief (sprite) nudity. It may not be suitable for players under the age of thirteen.*

*No extra Run Time Packages are required. Simply download, extract to a safe location, and play!*

Sign on to the Internet – a vast, full-immersion virtual world. Here, users live their ideal lives, willfully blind to the fragile structure of their reality…

Catie's days are carefree, spent leading a small forum in a quiet corner of the Web. But when a mysterious firewall begins consuming the northern wilderness, the Internet's leaders are called together to assess the threat. Soon, Catie will find herself plunged into the thick of a wild adventure, alongside a group of unlikely new allies. Together, they must reassemble the code of an ancient hacking tool, while being pursued by a mysterious new enemy, and the unrelenting shadows of the past...

You don't need to play the first game to enjoy this one. But just in case, I'll be including a brief plot summary in the files.

Please visit the "Characters" tab for information about the cast!

A vast, virtual land to explore - See the Internet in a way you've never imagined it before – as an immersive fantasy world! Each town and dungeon is based on a site you may be familiar with, and they’re all just bursting with their own unique flavor!

A rich, 30+ hour story - Meet vibrant new characters, and join them on a quest filled with both humor and heart. Who knows, maybe you'll even find a few unexpected plot twists along the way? And when you’re done, there’s a very extensive postgame to explore, too!

Tons of customization – Style up your party members with unique accessories! These baubles are hidden everywhere, and they all have unique and unpredictable effects. From a tiny ghost that turns you intangible, to a compass that seeks out hidden treasure. There’s something fun to wear for just about everyone!

So many Paper Mario references - Maybe even too many? The Paper Mario series, and especially TTYD, was a huge inspiration to us. How many shout-outs can YOU find?

Plenty of replayability - This game is jam-packed with secrets; you’ll never be able to find them all during your first trip through! Luckily, a certain postgame area can give you hints to find the things you missed.

Exclusive Boxxy content – If you’re a fan of Catie’s classic videos, then you may be in luck, because this game has a very special Easter Egg for you to find!

The perfect pie recipe? - Will you learn how to make a truly fabulous dessert? Maybe not, but you'll never know for sure unless you play!

Q. Is this a lame, cringeworthy meme game?
A. It isn’t, I swear! Despite being set in the Internet, I tried very hard to keep the humor fresh, without relying on memes. You’ll see a few, but they’re mainly just there to help establish the setting.

Q. Do I need to play BoxxyQuest 1 before playing this?
A. Nope! In fact, I’d prefer you didn’t play it. That game was my first, and while it has a special place in my heart, it hasn’t aged well. Instead, use the plot synopsis I’ve included in this folder.

Q. What is The Sphere, and who are the NPCs there?
A. The BoxxySphere, or just The Sphere, is a name given to Catie’s fandom. In the game, it’s where our story begins. The villagers are named after users on Catie’s forum, as a way to give them fun little cameos.

Q. Was Catie herself involved with development?
A. Yes, she helped out in a few small ways. Catie helped pitch ideas for the plot, and she provided narration for the intro scenes. She’s very busy, though, so asking more of her would’ve been rude. Very rude indeed.

Q. How long is the game?
A. It’s about 30-ish hours to beat the main story, plus more if you take your time with the sidequests and postgame. There are plenty of secrets to uncover!

Q. My art is in the game, but I don’t want it there. Can it be removed?
A. Sure thing! Just send me an email and we’ll talk it out. Please note that I meant no offense, I just used the best songs and art that I could find.

Q. I found a bug! What should I do?
A. Tell me, please! BQ2 has been tested, but I’m sure plenty of glitches snuck past us. I’ll try my best to patch any that you find.

There are currently two minor bugs that I can’t fix. (They’re both the result of custom scripts, and my knowledge of Ruby is patchy at best). If you can help me out, please feel free to send me an email!

- In the “flying ship” stages, the blue flames’ hitboxes are inaccurate. It’s safest to think of each flame as a vertical line running down the whole screen.

- If you switch team members in battle, then using “Esc” to undo any further action will cause them to switch back, even on later turns. (This one can be exploited, but you didn’t hear it from me).

The Shrimp – Concept, writing, map design, sprite artwork, programming
Catie Wayne – Concept, writing, narration voiceover
Sightshade – Editing, map design, “special secret flair”
SeltiSnow – Sprite artwork, testing
Intangibility Drive – Misc. artwork
Tang – Writing, positivity enforcement
Shai – Testing and debug
Polish Vodka – Testing and debug
KK20 - Debug

Custom scripts by: Blizzard, Tigerseye, ForeverZer0, Kelessdee, Ccoa, DerVVulfman, Lambchops, RM-RF, Moghunter, Modern Algebra, Leon, MGCaladtogel, Agckuu Goceg, XRXS, Gameface, Gabriel Winchester, Trickster, Cogwheel, KK20, Nathmatt, Xelias, Seriel, Uncle Lanzer, Gerkat, Game_Guy, Chaucer, Heretic, Zecomeia, Kotfire, Asfz Kakarotto, Mad.Array, Koen Lemmen

Full art and music credits can be found in the game itself!

If you have feedback or questions of any kind, feel free to email me at shrimpses@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Latest Blog

Finishing Touches

Hi again!
It's been a little while, but here I am with a new update. This one is slightly bigger than the last few, and there are a few things in particular I'd like to mention:

  • - A few players have told me that the song credits go on for way too long, so I've given them a total overhaul. Not only do they look (and sound) much snazzier now, but they take less than half the time!
  • - Tyalie finally has her own unique custom sprites that actually match her character art, instead of the stock placeholders she's been stuck using all this time. (Sorry about that, Tyalie). You can see a before/after comparison here:
  • - If you played in the past, I'm sure you noticed that many of the large field maps seem... pretty lazy and empty. (Hey, I was newer at this back then)! Anyway, I've spent the past few days filling them in, making them much livelier and more diverse. I'm still not spectacular at mapping, but at least it's an improvement. Here's a few before/after examples.
    (Note: each set of images was taken in the exact same spot).

As usual, if you want just the new stuff by itself, you can get it here.

No promises, but this will likely be my last "real" update for this game, aside from simple bug fixes and things like that. I've had a ton of fun, and I'm thankful to everyone who's played it so far. I'll still be around though, if you have any thoughts or questions! :3

(Oh, we finally hit 500 downloads! Woo hoo, you guys are awesome)!
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Hi, can you please help? I have just gone to the town called /x/. I stayed at the inn and woke to fight some wraith that I cannot beat, so I went in another house and fell through the floor without anything happening, and cannot get back in. I hope you can tell me what I need to do in this town, but MAINLY, I would like to know how to get through the woods to the East of there, I have been walking around for hours , but cannot find the exit, can I please have the solution? thanks.
I tried to email you but it seems the email is no longer available,when I try to send it says no results found. Once again thanks
HI tried to email you but it seems the email is no longer available,when I try to send it says no results found. Once again thanks
I sent you a PM with some help, but that email should totally still be working. I haven't deactivated it or anything. Weird. :/
can you make hetai pic of tyalie??????
can you make hetai pic of tyalie??????

Tyalie: "Erm, it's nice to have fans and all, but I didn't sign up for that."
Please ignore that idiot. He's a dupe account of someone who got banned and wants to kick up trouble.
Please ignore that idiot. He's a dupe account of someone who got banned and wants to kick up trouble.

Yeah, that's what I figured when I saw his post history. Thanks. :P
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