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BoxxyQuest - "Project GG" DLC Launch!

Surprise, everyone!

It's been a very long time since I've updated BoxxyQuest in any way, but I've spent the past several months working on an update so huge, that I've decided to release it as a full, separate DLC. You can find the files in the main page's download tab, or by clicking the link below, and installation instructions further in this post.


If you're eager for a new adventure with Catie and her friends, I hope you'll enjoy what I've made!



This BoxxyQuest expansion offers at least 4-5 hours of new content, set in a previously unseen part of the Internet. After beating the game's main story, (and reaching the "Epilogue" section), you'll be able to travel the full length of Artistry Highway, all the way from Tumblr to DeviantART.

There are two major new sites to visit, Etsy and Newgrounds, along with a few smaller enclaves, and plenty of secrets to find off the beaten path...

Newgrounds was once a joyous and bustling site, but is now a quiet shell of its former self. There, you can experience the DLC's main storyline as you cross paths with a group of old enemies, and try to uncover their sinister new plan. Just how deep does their rabbit hole go... and just who, or what, is pulling the strings behind it all?

Etsy is a cozy village nestled amidst mountains and waterfalls. There, you'll find a new exploration-focused sidequest with an unexpected reward. You'll also be able to purchase your own home, decorate it with furniture from around the Internet, and chat with your party members as roommates, (they have a lot to say)!

Fight against new enemies and bosses, each with their own unique gimmicks and mechanics to figure out... including one fated battle that's drastically unlike anything else in the game.

Find many new items to use, along with new weapons, armors, and even accessories to equip, all with their own unique effects!

Click here to see a gallery of what you can expect from the DLC:


If you've installed a patch for this game before, it works the exact same way. If not, here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Extract the DLC.zip file into a safe location.

2. Merge the extracted BQ2 folder with the game's existing BQ2 folder. (Or simply copy and paste the contents of the new BQ2 folder into the older one).

3. Say yes when asked if you’d like to overwrite or replace some of the older files.

That’s it, you’re good to go! If you still need help or think something went wrong, please ask me.


Q. How do I access the new DLC content?
A. First, you need to beat the game’s main story, and reach the “Epilogue” section. Then, simply head south from Tumblr, or follow the Artistry Highway northeast from DeviantART. When you start seeing large fields of sunflowers, then you'll know that you've made it into the new areas.

Q. Will there be any more DLC after this?
A. It’s very unlikely, for a few reasons. Not only have I used up all my remaining ideas, but I’ve also hit an engine limitation. RMXP games can have up to 999 map files, and this DLC puts BoxxyQuest at 997. I couldn’t squeeze in much more, even if I wanted to!

Q. My game crashes immediately, with a “Transitions Module” script error!
A. If this happens, then you didn’t install the files in the right places. Make sure that the "rgss_addon.dll" file is located in the main BQ2 folder – the same place as "game.exe" and the other .dll files.

Q. I have more questions, or need help with something in the DLC!
A. As always, feel free to email me at shrimpses@gmail.com. Or join the BoxxyQuest Discord server to chat with other players at https://discord.gg/BcfyDSV.


BoxxyQuest - now available on Steam!

I know my last update was a while ago, and I said the Steam release would be sometime in February.
That, er, didn't quite happen, but better late than never, right?

You can find its Steam store page here!

RMN was the first place I uploaded BoxxyQuest, so I want to thank everyone who played it here. I'll keep this version patched and updated as well, so no worries if you don't use Steam.

By the way, BoxxyQuest has its own Discord server, and I'd love to see you there! :D


New year, big news!

Happy 2020, everyone! I hope you all had a great Holiday season. It's a bit late for presents, but I've got some stuff to share with you anyways.

First off, check out that spiffy new trailer on the main page! You may be asking me, "why make a trailer now, after the game has already been out for a year?" Well, that's because... BoxxyQuest is coming to Steam! The exact release date hasn't been set yet, but it'll be sometime in February. Keep an eye out for updates!

Since a new release means new players, I've also decided to set up an official BoxxyQuest Discord server! You'll find the invite link below. Come and hang out, talk about the game, ask for help, or just chill with some nice folks. I hope to see you there!



Lag Survey

By now, a few people have mentioned having issues with the framerate while playing BoxxyQuest. It might just be their computers, but it might not, so I’ve made a little survey to see just how widespread the issue is, and if it’s something we should look into with an update. I’d really appreciate it if you took a few seconds to fill it out!


Also, do you think it would be worthwhile for us to create a Discord server for BoxxyQuest, so that players can discuss issues like this (and other things related to the game) out in the open?


This Time For Real

Y'know how when you're done with a file, you save it with "_final" at the end, but then a week later you change it, so you save it as "_final_FINAL?" Yeah, that's what I'm doing.

A few nights ago, I was going through my old email, and I uncovered the original intro audio that Catie had sent me, way back in 2014. I'd forgotten how crisp and clear it sounded! Being an editing noob, I had totally mangled it. The version used in the game is full of clipping and syncing issues. I decided to redo it, and hopefully iron them out.

This is a very small update, that doesn't change anything beyond the opening cutscenes. Still, if you're interested, you can find the new files here.


Finishing Touches

Hi again!
It's been a little while, but here I am with a new update. This one is slightly bigger than the last few, and there are a few things in particular I'd like to mention:

  • - A few players have told me that the song credits go on for way too long, so I've given them a total overhaul. Not only do they look (and sound) much snazzier now, but they take less than half the time!
  • - Tyalie finally has her own unique custom sprites that actually match her character art, instead of the stock placeholders she's been stuck using all this time. (Sorry about that, Tyalie). You can see a before/after comparison here:
  • - If you played in the past, I'm sure you noticed that many of the large field maps seem... pretty lazy and empty. (Hey, I was newer at this back then)! Anyway, I've spent the past few days filling them in, making them much livelier and more diverse. I'm still not spectacular at mapping, but at least it's an improvement. Here's a few before/after examples.
    (Note: each set of images was taken in the exact same spot).

As usual, if you want just the new stuff by itself, you can get it here.

No promises, but this will likely be my last "real" update for this game, aside from simple bug fixes and things like that. I've had a ton of fun, and I'm thankful to everyone who's played it so far. I'll still be around though, if you have any thoughts or questions! :3

(Oh, we finally hit 500 downloads! Woo hoo, you guys are awesome)!


Big News???

I have something super fun to share with you all today!

First of all, I updated the game again. This time it's mainly just typo fixes, but I did edit a few maps, and I added a new scene. It's a bit hard to find, but I'm very proud of it.

If you're interested in just the new content,you can find it here. As usual, just put the files into their matching folders.

But that's not the big news! The news is that thanks to the good folks on Catie Wayne's Discord, plus my sister and a few of her friends, BoxxyQuest now has a TV Tropes page! It's pretty freakin' stylish, so go take a peek! (Standard TV Tropes warnings apply).

BQ:TGS on TV Tropes.

That's all for now. See you next time!


Eh? A small update appears?

Hey, all! Just a couple of quick heads-up:

First of all, at DaedalusMachina's suggestion over on itch.io, I've recompressed the game as a Zip file, rather than a Rar file. So if you were having download troubles before, this may help.

Secondly, I added a small new scene. It's nothing huge, just a conversation between two characters who didn't really get to interact before. It happens at night, during Chapter 4. If you're already past that point, then don't even worry about it. If you're not, but you've already downloaded the game, then you can just stick this file into your "data" folder to patch the scene in:


That's all I've got. Happy Holidays! :D


One last "weekly" update.

Well, this is it. (Maybe)?

I've finished my final test run, and KyleLascar has sent me the last of the bugs he found during his playthrough. It's nothing too serious this time - mainly typos and a few inventory errors during the ending and post-game. They're all addressed in the latest patch. (As usual, it's found in my Locker. Y'all are pros at this by now). :P

I'd like to say that BoxxyQuest is now mostly glitch-free, but I've thought that before, and I wasn't correct then either. I'm always available by email if you find something new, or if you just feel like sharing your thoughts.

Until then, have fun!


A new week, another update.

Heya! I meant to have this out a few days ago, but my old PC finally died, which set me back a bit. Thankfully, my new one arrived earlier than expected, so everything is back on track!

This latest patch mostly addresses tile passability errors in Chapter 7, but also fixes a few typos and miscellaneous bugs. (Huge thanks to KyleLascar for finding some of them)! I'm nearing the end of my final test playthrough, but I'm not quite there yet, so expect to see at least one more of these weekly-ish updates.

As usual, the new files can be found in my Locker. Have fun, and be sure to tell me what you think!
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