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It's a difficult theme to work with, snakes.

  • Mirak
  • 09/28/2018 05:33 AM
Spoilers inbound! I reccomend you give the game a go before this review. Or don't.!

Anyway, it is difficult to work with a theme such as this. Snakes!

"But Mirak, snakes are just fleshy tubes!"

Shut your mouth. You don't know snakes! But you're about to, because you're going to play this game!

Well, how to begin reviewing this...? One eyeballing at the summary of the gamepage will let you know what it is about, but let me tell you something, there's more to this game than meets the eye!

For starters, let's review some of the mischievous sentences you find on the main page of this game:

"Carol heard mysterious rumors about a strange cabin in the outskirts of the village. Not being the brightest, she decides to investigate.

Little does she know, the evil snake creatures populating the looks-small-from-the-outside-but-gigantic-on-the-inside house have set up many traps for the curious adventurers who dare venture inside... None of which have ever been known to return... "

Exactly, highlighted in bold, is our main topic in this review; This is no tale of adventure, or mystique, or tribulations. This is a post mortem tale. A memento mori of a tragic, foolish individual, not unlike cautionary tales we've heard before. One person, caught in the trappings of curiosity, ignores the old adage about curiosity and cats, and ventures onward to a dangerous place. For what purpose does this person do this? What machinations of the universe, planets, and even fate itself conspired that fateful day, to intrude into this person's motivations, and encourage her to seek answers in places that should have never been trodden by those belonging to the kinds of men?


Made for the swapsies 2 event, in which the point was to finish a random half of a game, THE HOUSE OF SNAKES is Snakes and Ladders in a nutshell, wrapped around a thin veil of plot. You'll find no deep lore to explore here. A girl dressed in a santa suit wanders into an old house that happens to be full of snakes for no well explored reason, and goes through perilous events. But what fate awaits this person? (Not a very good one.)

The game offers an interesting look into the potential RPG Maker has to integrate eventing brilliantness to bring us this humble offering, which feels like a proof of concept rather than a completed product.

What little there is in the way of plot is enjoyable, even if it's just for entertainment value's sake. It's not often that you get to play snakes and ladders in an rpg maker game, and to top it off, with neat sidestuff to enjoy, little twists to the rules of the game that drastically change the way snakes and ladders is played, and the first time I see a way of having a song playlist in a game.


Yes, at some points you will definitely feel the mood of the devs who worked on the game, the feeling of tiredness does show a bit. Again, what little there is, is enjoyable. Play it because snakes and ladders is a fun timekiller!


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purity or absolution
2.5/5? more like 5.1/5 mozambiques spitting at you from eight feet away
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