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The general idea is that Pri is a princess who gets kidnapped all the damn time, no matter what she tries. She's also blamed for her abductions fairly often by her addled father and her exasperated bodyguard, Andra. It doesn't help that the king doesn't hire decent soldiers or that she doesn't get along well with her bodyguard who is overworked and often takes her frustrations out on Pri.

It turns out that after a dozen kidnappings, a princess simply must fight back. Even if it means fighting fire with fire. This is the story of Princess Pri (and the backstory to a life of crime).

The Kidnapping of Princess Pri is an exploration/adventure/escape game. Foil (and maybe carry out) a kidnapping by searching items, talking to characters, finding keys, and solving clues. Playtime under an hour and the whole thing is pretty light-hearted.

This game was made in a month for the Swap in the Middle with Two event, first half by Liberty, and the second half by psy_wombats. sorry Libs

Anyway it's short and fun and you should play it.

Princess Pri

The titular princess who keeps getting kidnapped. She's sick and tired of this shit and well-over being blamed for getting into situations where her protection is less than optimal. She doesn't get along well with Andra, thinks her father is a bit of an idiot for never upgrading his defences, and hopes to one day take over the throne and run the country properly. First she needs to get it through to every kidnapper in the vicinity that she is not going to take this shit lying down and if she needs to twist a few arms to get the point across... well, she may be a practitioner of water magic but that doesn't mean she can't set shit aflame.


A prince of a nearby kingdom, albeit not quite as nice a kindgom as Pri's, and Capsri only stands to inherit any of it if his half dozen older brothers are taken out by acts of god. If he wants a throne of his own, he'll have to find a noble, propertied bride, but that's a bit difficult as he's more morose than chivalrous... and he thinks that rescuing Pri of all princesses is a path to her heart. She'd eat him for breakfast.


Pri's overworked body guard who was hired to protect the precious princess after her fourteenth birthday party ended in a kidnapping. Something about being of marriageable age (or near enough in some perverts' books) has made the kidnappers come out of the woodwork and since that day Andra has been working tirelessly to look after a willful and grumpy princess who doesn't seem to like her. With any luck, soon Pri will take the throne from her aging father and maybe Andra will be given a nice cushy job or something for dealing with this shit for so many years. God, she hopes so.

Assorted Goons and also The Chef

They have a tough job and deserve some credit, okay? Especially the chef.


Latest Blog

New release version

Just put up a new release now that I've had time to get some bugs sorted out. 1.00 and 1.03 had some show-stoppers :/

New version has those patched up, some visual changes, and better visibility when you pick up an item.
  • Completed
  • psy_wombats
  • RPG Maker 2000
  • Adventure
  • 09/26/2018 10:42 AM
  • 06/18/2019 08:01 PM
  • 09/27/2018
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Well, one of the colours is purple! The other is green instead of blue, if that's what you were aiming for when it came to the page CSS? I can fix that for you if you want. XD
I'm still waiting for my review to clear at this point. Though, even I got the points for that and the other two reviews I have in the queue. I think, I'll still be just shy of claiming the 6th spot in terms of makerscore.
Don't know if I can say it so I'll hide it
when I enter the room the princess comes out from she takes a step to the right and doesn't move anymore, and I can't even see her. Don't know if I'm not supposed to go in there or if there's a problem so I reported it
It was quite a nice game! Maybe a bit short? Actually, the length isn't really a problem, just I think it can be developed more. Anyway,I loved the princess! She's so used to being kidnapped that she isn't even scared! And her comments on everything XD
Downloaded. (I like the purple and green color scheme.)
The version I downloaded today has the start position set in the wrong place, so the intro is skipped. Also it softlocks if you enter the first room you should have escaped from.
Otherwise, was an enjoyable game with lots to look at, and read character's opinions of.
...I really suck at releasing stuff. DL updated, thanks for the heads up.
This is a Decent Game! I guess I should say something else:

Well, I will! The Kidnapping of Princess Pri is a good game because I enjoy the constant need for Keys,I absolutely love how Princess Pri just disobeys Andra but later to take all the goodies for herself ;]
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