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Sacred Reviews: The Kidnapping (and other crimes) of Princess Pri


"The Kidnapping (and other crimes) of Princess Pri" is a short, comedic, escape game created by psy_wombats and Liberty as part of "The Swap in the Middle with Two" event. Though, I'll admit that I'm a bit surprised they would go with an engine as old as RPG Maker 2000 considering how much popular RPG Maker VX Ace and MV seem to be these days.


On the story side of things, "The Kidnapping (and other crimes) of Princess Pri" is a fun romp with a sarcastic princess with a biting tongue. A princess so fed up with getting kidnapped that she's decided it's time to bring a little anarchy to the usual stories about a damsel in distress and save herself and get petty revenge on her kidnappers by robbing them blind.


On the gameplay side of things "The Kidnapping (and other crimes) of Princess Pri" is a rather simple adventure/escape game where you need to run around looking for clues on every bookshelf, under every bed, and in every cabinet in order to find clues or keys in order to advance your goals of either escaping from your most recent kidnapping or robbing a bunch of perverted brothers blind. All and all though the game isn't particularly challenging. While you will need to look for clues/keys the game doesn't really require you to solve any logic puzzles or anything in order to acquire them. As such, if your looking to test yourself in this respect and I'd advice you to go play "Mysterious Room Escape" by Okami_Amaterasu.

Graphics & Music

I'll admit that I'm not as familiar with the default assets of RPG Maker 2000, but a few of the assets definitely appear to be custom. Albeit, the sources for some if not all of these assets appears to be free in exchange for being given proper credit for their work.


"The Kidnapping (and other crimes) of Princess Pri" is a delightful way to kill an hour or so. After all, it's not every day that you get to play as a delinquent princess that gets kidnapped more often then Princess Peach and Zelda combined. In fact, I'd argue the only real reason to play this game at all is for Princess Pri. After all, this game isn't going to challenge your problem solving skills nor is that ponce of a prince from the next kingdom over going to catch your interest. Unless your really into guys that cross dress as french maids.

Your right, we really should kidnap Prince Capsri and put him to work. After all, we wouldn't want that maid outfit to go to waste.


I suppose it's debatable if this should be called a bug or not, but we clearly have a little cut off text here. After all, I've never heard of the word almos though it does make me think of Glow Moss from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX for some weird reason.

This one might be even more debatable, but this dialogue box pops up every time you go into the room that requires the key you found in the oven to open. Though, I do question why they would keep a key in the oven instead of a loaded shotgun? After all, I've read stories about people keeping guns and ammo inside their ovens. Though, I suppose this game takes place in time when guns hadn't been invented yet.