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You play as Ella, a young girl who's father fell for a wealthy woman. Your father only ever wanted what's best for you and should he marry, you'd never have to worry about anything ever again. Unfortunately, your prospective mother and her two daughters are not what they seem. Cursed, they must consume the souls of men in order maintain their beauty. As he died, he begged them not to hurt you. When magic flows, it flows into everything and this was a contract that bound them. To get something, you must give something and these three could not kill you, but they couldn't just let you go. It's hard enough to maintain your beauty when you're forever aging and never dying, so a young girl whose father was teaching her alchemy could be very useful.

  • As Ella, you'll have to do chores for your evil captors. Create items to upgrade your skills.
  • You'll need to learn recipes in order to advance. Some recipes you'll learn automatically. Other's you'll have to find.
  • Of course, you'll need to gather ingredients for your recipes.

Work well, be obedient, and perhaps you'll be able to live a relatively comfortable life of servitude to your father's murderers. Or perhaps, you could learn the means to teach your captors a lesson they will never forget.

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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Heck yeah man use those fucking white screw graphics dude good job
Nice use of the RPG Maker 2k tiles. I've been at a loss of how to format them for use in Vx Ace.
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