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This is my submission for the Twisted Fairy Tales event, whose mission was to revisit a fairy tale by adding an horrific or a disturbing touch to it. The game's made on RPG Maker VX Ace.
Watch out: this game has blood and jump scares in it.

I've chosen to revisit the Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault. Disney made an animated movie of it in 1959.
Aurora, the King's daughter, has been cursed by Maleficent and will die when she reaches 16. However, a fairy softens the curse. Aurora will instead fall in a hundred-year sleep.
Yet, Aurora's sleep is haunted by nightmares. Who's manipulating her dreams ? And why ?

It's a puzzle-game. In each level you will have to reach a door that will take you to the next level. Watch out for the death traps here and there. However, that won't give you a Game Over: the level will instead be reset.
Try to find all deaths in each level.
(You can find how many different deaths you've found by saving.)
Chests are hidden in some levels. Open them all to get the good ending.
E.g: In "The Gardens" level, a pair of zombies are looking in opposite directions. Try to lure them to get to the chest safely.

Scripts: Yanfly
Graphics: Enterbrain (mostly), Fflo (Aurora's death animations)
Audio: MaderaDelEste -> the shriek sound

Latest Blog

Restarting from zero, almost

I've submitted this game for the Twisted Fairy Tales event. I was afraid of being out of time so I made my game in a hurry, even if I've put a download a few days before the end of the event.

The game was fine, but it looked more like a prototype (7 levels) than a real submission.

I'm going to keep a few levels (Bedroom, Gardens) and make plenty of new ones.
The game's goal is still the same: reach the door while avoiding traps.

A gif of a new foe, the Spider-Closet:

Its legs will come out if you approach it ; and then it will try to catch you!


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Looks very promising! Looking forward to playing this one :D
Sleeping Beauty with a touch of nightmare?! :O Niceee! ^_^ :) I would love to see how this comes to play! :D
omg I had a fun time with this demo. mega fun it take me about 45mins or so. fun time
Short Puzzle RPG demo. Would fit right in with the befuddle series or any variety puzzle RPG.
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