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So what is skinwalker wolf?

  • Frogge
  • 02/06/2019 07:53 PM
I know I've been really silent about this game and I'm sorry about that. I've worked on it on and off a tiny amount, but I would be lying to you if I said I made a significant amount of progress.

However, I want to change that. As of now, I'm busy with The Haven Decay and probably will be for the majority of this year. However, once I'm done with my first chapter for it and can catch a break, I want to resume working on this game, and make a major overhaul. One really big change.

You see, while working on Skinwalker Wolf, I got a great idea for a sequel. Something completely different. Something that deals with the titular Skinwalker Wolf, but in a completely different way than this game does. Whereas this game deals with said themes in a much more supernatural way, I wanted a sequel that would be more about the psychological aspect. Of course, I wanted this game to be a psychological horror too, but I feel that it didn't do the job enough.

So after making this game, I wanted to make a Skinwalker Wolf 2. Recently, however, I had a much, much better idea. Instead of making this game and then making a sequel, I could just blend the two together.

So here's the idea - I want Skinwalker Wolf to have two switching narratives. The first narrative is the original narrative of this game, taking place years in the past. The second narrative is a modern day version. Both stories are meant to be interconnected, but due to taking place years apart, also vastly different.

And I suppose there's no harm in mentioning the modern day pitch either. You probably already know the story of the past from the gamepage, or at least the concept of it. The twist with the modern day version is that it's actually the same story, except being adapted into a movie. A dramatization of the original, if you will. Where the characters in the original story are the children of the orphanage, the characters in the modern story are the actors who play them. The format would be that each story plays for about 10 minutes before switching to the other.

I like this switching narrative a whole lot more than just the narrative of the past, I think. I also feel that it's going to help this game be much better considering I will be able to go into some more advanced storytelling methods and present a stronger narrative.

I don't know how long Skinwalker Wolf will take me to make, but I'm gonna hope that I might be able to push out a release sometime this year. Stay tuned.