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- Introduction -

Acceptance is a game about acceptance. A very deep theme.
Remember, it is important to accept yourself and others. It's by accepting, that you'll find happiness in life. Accept that life will never go the way you want it to go. Accept that you may never find true love. Accept that you may never be able to go to space. Accept that you will have to accept stuff, eventually.

Accept the existence of this game, okay?

- Media -

Anime Intro (Special Thanks to Frogge, just because)

- Plot -

A retired war veteran, 'Fro Dude, decides to find acceptance in life. That's why he decides to go on an epic quest to find a community that will accept him.

With the help of his slave and particularly useless individual Zeck, 'Fro Dude will embark on a journey in a world full of peril.

World full of peril A.K.A. RMN City. That is where he is going.

So he goes there, in this city where the evil
Where the evil OzzyTheThird finally managed to carry out his plan. He conquered RMN City, he is now the ruler of that city.
Captivity is now held in Captivity.
What're you gonna do now, 'Fro Dude?
What're you gonna do when they come for you?

What is Zeck gonna do?
Probably nothing, he's kinda useless after all.

The fact is that the author really needed another character besides 'Fro Dude, as a comparison, so that you, the player, will know just how awesome 'Fro Dude is.
So that's why Zeck had to be created.

So will you embark on this epic journey with the most beautiful mapping?

- Reviews -

"This game has to be the best of the best."
- IJN 10/10 would bang

- GameSpotted, totally not the author

"I agree with GameSpotted!"
- Another wise man who is not the author

- Gameplay -

Acceptance is an open-world game full of stuff to do.
As this is a 3D Game made with the Real Engine (Why is it not in the list? I will put VX Ace for now, okay? :\), it's sandboxy as hell, full of fetch quests and an immense world with so many stuff to do like walking for 100 kms only to find the next "find me a diamond number 1002" mission.

When you fight, the game is totally real-time, it's not turn-based, at all. You can jump, kick, sidekick, strafe, Strife, attack, counter, counterattack, Char's Counterattack, lots of stuff you can do. Amazing.

You can also make Zeck leave the party, that's the best option.

It also has microtransactions.
If you give me the manei for a sandwich you will feel proud and then you can play the game better because of how proud you will feel.

That's a great feeling, really great.
Buy me pizza.

- Credits -

A game by:

Sponsored by:

Made with:
Real Engine

'Fro Dude as Awesome Dude
Zeck as Whatever
Frogge as 1x1Minded
Liberty as Captivity
LockeZ as LockeD
Kloe as Lewd Succubus
Muffle as Hercule Shuffle
Bart as Batto
Bob as BubbleBob
Hexatona as Critical Hit


- Fake Introduction Which Was Deleted -

Acceptance it's a very dumb 2D Game featuring a Turn-Based Combat System.
The game was created for the Dumb Game Event of RPGMaker.net, which was held to celebrate RMN's 11th Birthday.
The aim was to create a terrible but fun game. I hope it will turn out to be fun for you^^

Have fun!

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh heck ya what took you so fucking long to make a page

Time for a 5/5
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Oh heck ya what took you so fucking long to make a page

Had a hard time accepting this game's existence.

Time for a 5/5

I accept this.

Ozzy is so evil :c

This is unacceptable!

Uploading game...
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
gon' play
gon' play
I think I'm in love with all this awesomeness xDDDDDD
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This OzzyTheThird sounds like a cool dude.
You're just making me want to upload Homoculous World with this shenanigans.
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What is this I don't even odd.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
gon' play
gon' play

You do that, man. You do that.
And then Karma Flow.

I think I'm in love with all this awesomeness xDDDDDD

How could anyone not be in loved with this? I mean, goty!

This OzzyTheThird sounds like a cool dude.

He's the one.

You're just making me want to upload Homoculous World with this shenanigans.

Do dat!

What is this I don't even odd.

You're asking me? I dunno.

Lewd Succubus?!?!

I'm in.

Lewd Succubus? Hey, me too!
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