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Lore: The Rise of Architech

  • manpaint
  • 08/16/2019 01:50 PM
Today I am going to delve deeper into how the company Architech came into power.

Architech was founded by a man named Mark Rwright. It was famous for having invented the modern mobile phone that revolutionized communications. Over the course of the year, the company expanded to other domains such as scientific research, transportations and entertainment.

Despite all his wealth, Mark Rwright was fatally ill. After he died from an uncurable diseases called Sanguinie, one of his son inherited the CEO position of the company. This man is Bill Rwright. In an unexpected turn of event, he ran for presidency in the country of Upirkly.

He became objectively the most liked president in the history of Upirkly. Some even believe he is the reincarnation of a prophet. Many argue that he should be president until he dies. With the recent proposal to abolish democracy as a Global Mortal Right, people are excited that such outcome may be possible. The people of Upirkly now see democracy as an outdated concept of the past and that ditching it is required to move forward.

The opinion of the Helliosian Intelligence Agency differs. They think all of this is not organic. For them, abolishing democracy will lead to an even more dystopian society.