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Lore: The Police Reform

  • manpaint
  • 08/25/2019 01:18 PM
Today I am going to delve deeper into why Architech made a police reform in Upirkly as it is only vaguely mentioned in-game.

Prior to the reform, many police officers abused their status in society. It was not uncommon for a vampire to attack a human as some believe to be part of the "superior race". Police corruption was somewhat rampant. Once Bill Rwright won his first term, he started to change things up.

Nowadays, the police don't use lethal weapon anymore, they instead use Neutralizers which only paralyze the target without any kind of lasting damage. They also now have bodycams that cannot be turned off no matter what. Their visor helps them to hide their identity and prevent vampire bites. The green armband they wear signifies that they made a pledge to serve the interest of the Government and the people.