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July Progress Report

  • manpaint
  • 07/19/2021 04:53 PM

During the last month I started to work on the remake of ARCH ULTRA. My first objectives were to gather the failures and success of both ARCH ULTRA and Dymunia.

My main focus is on story problems as the game is a visual novel. As you see above, some dialogue will need to be reworked to introduce the context better. Some additional cutscene may be required in the case of Dymunia.

I also started to draft a new title screen:

On the technical side of things, I am currently doing the following:
-Trying to implement an in-game volume system.
-Creating a screenshot when the player saves.
-Importing old ARCH ULTRA data into the new engine.
-Standardizing file names.

See you next month for a new DevBlog.