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The Origins of ARCH ULTRA

Today I am going to tell what exactly inspired me to create ARCH ULTRA.

Everything began with a dream. It was a bout a local criminal gang of an unspecified place going down in an underground parking to face two witches. The witches were two black haired girl (a mother and a daughter) that were hiding from the government or something. This dream makes me think what would happen if you would fuse a medieval fantasy universe with a science fiction one. So, I began imagining the universe of Dymunia (that was previously featured in my previous game Black Ritual) in the future. The following is earliest pitch of ARCH ULTRA:
So, there is vampires, elves and dragons. The magic is state-controlled. Bill Rwright, the CEO of a mobile phone company run for office and is mysteriously met with zero opposition. The population worship him because they are brainwashed. The government hunt down a group of "terrorists" named The Helliosians, a group that oppose the government. Those who have access to sacred knowledge can summon object (like lampposts and motorcycles). Many practice magic in secret, like the underground parking witches.

As you can see, the base idea is relatively the same, although a bit different. Next time, I am going to show the latest analytics dump.


List of contributors

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me to work on ARCH ULTRA. This list is in the credits, but I wanted to give more visibility to those who contributed.

Audio credits :
Title Screen – Composed by Manpaint
Upirkly City- Composed by AdamBondAudio
Knowledge – Composed by Chris Hendricks
HIA Theme – Composed by Lequetriot
Battle Theme - Composed by Chris Hendricks
Architech – Composed by Manpaint
Truth - Composed by AdamBondAudio
Golden Dream - Composed by Ian Taylor
Simultra Terminal - Chris Hendricks
Upirkly Ambience - Calm Mind

Quality Assurance:
Mister Ocelot
François Berhn
Le Kno
Sensei Nutella

Scripts used:
Basic Window Resizer v1.1 by V.M of D.T
Fixed Pictures by Seer UK & OriginalWij
Parallax Lock v1.00 by Yanfly
Stop All Movement v1.00 by Yanfly
Map Effects v1.4.1 by Zeus81
CrashSteps by Crash
DisplayText by NukiFW
Anti-"No such file" by Krosk,Wawower and Berka
Ace Message System v1.05 by Yanfly
EFE's Request Script by Ryex, Gustavo Bicalho and Kubiwa Taicho
MD5 by Orochii
JSON Encoder/Decoder by Game_guy
Simple text input by Tsukihime
Game Custom Data v1.25 by AdiktuzMiko
RPG Maker VX Ace GameJolt API by Florian van Strien
Detector by Efeberk
Event Followers by Hime
N.A.S.T.Y. Follower Move Route by Nelderson


Final game released

ARCH ULTRA: Final Act is finally released! I know I initially said that I would release it on November 7th, but after some thoughts, I think it is better if it is released during a weekend. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the dystopic world of Dymunia! As a reminder, this is a visual novel, not a traditional RPG so do not expect tons of gameplay.


Dev Blog #9 : Late October Progress Report

Today I will show you the advancement of ARCH ULTRA: Final Act

The game for all intent and purpose is done (aside for a few minor details). My main focus as I write this is finishing the French translation (which is approximately 90% done) and awaiting further feedback. Most testers received the game well, especially by praising its graphics and atmosphere. As panned the game will release on November 7th. I hope you will enjoy your trip into this dystopian future.


Searching Testers

Hello everyone. As you probably know, the release of ARCH ULTRA: Final Act is drawing near. I am currently looking for people willing to beta test the final version of ARCH ULTRA. If you are interested, send me a message on Discord on the handle manpaint#1035.


Technical Precisions

Hey all! I just wanted to shine some light on some technical specifications for ARCH ULTRA: Final Act
-The game will be available in two language: English and French, the selection of the language has to be made on first boot.
-The size of the final game should be around 285 MB.
-This game will send (anonymous) analytics when the device is used with an Internet connection.
-The game full screen mode will be accessible with F5 (it is not the VX ACE's default full screen mode).
-The game will be able to autosave at some places.

As a side note, the quality assurance test has begun. Everything is going as scheduled so far.

Progress Report

Dev Blog #8 : Mid-September Progress Report

Today I will show you the advancement of ARCH ULTRA: Final Act

Note: I intended to post this earlier this month but couldn't because of IRL reasons.

August and September were very productive month for me. Despite pretty much started to really focus on this project in early august, I have made quite the progress. As of September 15th , 74,35% of the game is completed. Regarding the dialogue 84,61% of the English dialogue are done (not necessarily implemented). Everything is going as planned so far and the game should enter the quality assurance phase in mid-October and be released on November 7th as announced.

Game Design

Dev Blog #7 : Streamlining Development

Today I am going to share my secrets on how I streamline the development of ARCH ULTRA.

First, the game has a Sequence Loader. Every part of ARCH ULTRA can be called with a common event and a variable. This mean I can work on different parts without having fully completed the parts that precede it. For instance, the ending of the game is pretty much done but some parts of the introduction are missing.
Then we have the Map Handler. Based on the map ID the player is currently in, the game will fetch the attributed proprieties of a map (shader, music etc...) during a transition. There is also a common event that purge useless image from memory before loading needed ones.
At last we have the Dialogue Handler. Unlike the others, this one is actually multiple common events as storing everything into one big common event is really impractical. With the dialogue being easily accessible, it is way easier to make change on the go rather to find an event on a map.

Game Design

Dev Blog #6 : Shaders and Animations

Today I am going to talk about how shaders and animations are implemented in ARCH ULTRA.

As you can see in the above image, there is 4 layers present. The parallax (background), the GFX (rain), the overlay (the ramp near the stairs) and the shader (filter and light effects). Aside the parallax, those are all fixed images, no fancy script was used (aside for making them fixed). As you expect, the rain is animated with a common event in a parallel process. Each frame as 4 frame interval. Some light effects are on a different layer than the shader due to them using additive mode instead of normal.


Lore: Simultra

Today I am going to delve deeper into what exactly is Simultra along with some details that is not present in-game.

Simultra is a headset created by Architech. It is marketed as a virtual reality gaming device but serve other purpose as well. It essentially creates artificial dreams that the user has complete control of. It operates by reading and injecting knowledge into the user's short-term memory. The users can record their dreams and store them into an SD card that come with the device. Simultra also have games that are multiplayer dream that operate on a set of rule dictated by an application code or a server. A simulation can be forcefully terminated if the device detect that the user is experiencing a large amount of fear.