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Puzzle on the rocks

  • Tw0Face
  • 10/27/2018 04:13 PM

- The Review -

Grimps Squeaking of the Dead is a cute puzzle game made by Momeka with RPG Maker 2003, which means that no scripts were used to make this game. The result is admirable. If you're wondering how to best develop a very good puzzle game with any RPG Maker, then you should definitely take a look at this game and try to do it like this, because Momeka knows how to make a proper puzzle. This game is so perfect to me that I can’t help myself but call it one of the best ever made with RPG Maker. Well, yeah: You play as a cute penguin whose walking animation is adorable. Couldn’t be more classy and yes, I’m hyped.

Stay calm and try to make your way through each stage. The screen is tiled, so you can see your keys on the upper-left side and the level-code on the right side of the screen. 5 of 5 for the eye-candy graphic-style as well btw.

First of all, it must be mentioned that this is the Halloween version of the game. There is already a Christmas version out here in this little gaming universe, but I haven’t played it yet. The playing time of this Halloween version is relatively short though. It’s just about one hour and maybe a little more, if you don’t play it all the way through like I did. The only weak point about this game (really the only one) is the low game time. There is also no save function in this game, but each level is assigned a 3-digit code that allows you to recall the last scenario you reached at any time to continue playing.

The story is about a bunch of penguins being kidnapped by evil green little beasts called Grimps and you're supposed to save your penguin friends from them as you’re the last penguin available who can do this.

"I know, shocked pengu friend. I know. Let me carefully puzzle y'all out of this messed up situation. Just gimme a sec."

You have to solve many puzzles to get ahead in the game. The game is 100% about the gameplay and the increase in difficulty is slow and enjoyable. You have to find colored keys to open locked doors and push buttons to get rid of road-blocking obstacles so you can finally reach the next level. There are always new challenges waiting for you. Mostly, the right timing is very important to clear a stage. It’s all about moving blocks, throwing bombs on obstacles or opponents to clear the way, avoiding opponents who either run around drawing a skull trail - do not step inside this or your little penguin will die. It’s obvious, as you play as a penguin, you have to deal with slippery ice tiles as well. Be careful, as some opponents will attack you with weapons later in the game, so you shouldn’t remain too long on a single field to not become a target for their attacks. It can be quite difficult at some places, but the gameplay is never unfair or frustrating. If you complete the game, you can unlock a bunch of additional stages, which is quite a nice addon.

I can recommend this game in every way as it feels great, works great and is a lot of fun. Try it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Definitely 5 Stars for this one.


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Thanks for the review, TwoFace. I'm glad you liked it!

As for the Christmas version, it's pretty much the same as the Halloween version. They share the first five levels and then the Christmas version ends in different boss fight while the Halloween continues for another 8 levels.
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