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Developer Commentary - Post Mortem

  • Darken
  • 03/28/2019 07:53 PM


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Very Good. Very well done dude!♥. I enjoyed listening to this a lot. I had to look away for most of it, cause I still want to play through this without being spoiled (lol). But yeah dude, this definitely sounds like a longer sequel/prequel to the stuff you did in Kryopolis.

The only thing I'd suggest is - If you still have the audio commentary somewhere - try and bump up the audio levels a bit
(set your master PC volume to half, and then bring up the volume of the commentary so everything is heard clearly at that level - but that's just me though, I felt the track was a bit too quiet.)

Also, it'd be cool if there was a proper thumbnail for this, nothing fancy, just something so that it's a bit more clear that this is developer's commentary for the game. etc. ( like, I know this was more for personal reference, but dude, this was really well done, and I think others will enjoy this a lot too - throw this on itch.io as well if you can)

I wanted to say this on Cap_H's article. But I feel like maybe it doesn't get said enough on this site, but Darken, you're an absolute trail blazer here on RMN. This was really well done and I can't wait to see what other games and other things, you'll release in the future. Great work dude!

...Shinan! Shinan are you reading this? When are you gonna an AttemptCast Episode with this guy?
Darken's totally got a voice for radio!!
lol thanks, yeah I'll look into the volume levels. I'm actually hearing impaired and my headphones have a weird volume to them so it's really hard to tell what the optimal listening setup is.
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