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Small Patch & Some Words

  • meaka
  • 11/14/2018 03:10 AM
Hello! At this point I've updated the file to a version that
  • includes the font file you may need to install
  • includes a link to download the RMXP RTP if you're missing that
  • fixes several small bugs (a misplaced player transfer, a small event where a character will do an action even when not actually "present", tileset errors)
  • UPDATE: This isn't a bugfix so much as a note. If your PC's language is set to anything other than English, the text boxes will be blank! This was an oversight on my part, sorry! If you don't want to change your locale for one (1) game, AppLocale can circumvent that issue. I'm sorry about the inconvenience, and this will definitely teach me to choose fonts more carefully next time.

Even if this is a small game, thank you very much for playing it or even just checking it out! I'm still admittedly a little shy about joining in on events and game jams, so this was a fun little challenge for me to try to escape my comfort zone of hiding away, tossing a game into the void, then crawling back into the darkness from whence I came. Even if uh... that is a bit of what I did anyway!

If there continue to be errors or bugs, please let me know and I will fix them up.