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-The Lost: Free Demo-

-Story: War and Faith-

In a desert occupied by several tribes, a mysterious army appears from the south and annihilates anyone in their path. The Briƫn tribe has been destroyed and all hope seems lost. All the other tribe's are summoned to the Dokta tribes village to stop this mysterious army. Kaan the chieftain of the Dokta tribe, and their village champion Ragno try to come up with a plan to do this. A fierce conversation between the two could be heard from the outside moments before Ragno storms out of Kaan's mansion and leaves.

Kaan, firmly believing that the 'Glowing Fire' will help them to achieve victory, rallies the troops loyal to him and leads them into battle. Ragno, on the other hand, leaves the Dokta region and goes north followed by almost all of the other tribes. Only the Nomad tribe that once got saved by Kaan are still loyal to him and stay to fight off this evil army. But why, why did Ragno leave and why did the other tribes follow him? Is everything lost, or is there still hope...

-Game Mechanics/Features-

A changing world as you progress the game.
- A multi-faceted battle system with a focus on tactics, not grinding.
- A story-focused game full of challenging battles.
- An open world where you can go where you like.

The world is divided into areas where you can fight epic battles if you play it smart.

Extra events to discover. See if you can defeat powerful monsters and find mysterious treasures and story lore.

Entertaining dialogue and characters and a deeply rooted history lore.

Mini games, optional characters, tribe villages improvement, Private base build up and much more.

Will you be the one that saves the desert tribes or defy your faith!?

Latest Blog

The Lost Game Page!

Finally I have everything up and running! Already have over 20 download! Thank you all for taking interest in this game. Please leave a revieuw when you've played this game! I really appriciate the interest!

Soon I will be focusing again on developing the main story and some fan art will be implement from BerryB a fellow indie developer that is currently doing a co-development with Starmage (another dev in the RMN community).



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Wow!! It's so nice to see this game here, Dutch! ^_^ :) And your gamepage looks amazing! :O I am sooo looking forward to playing this game again! ^_^ XD :D
Wow!! It's so nice to see this game here, Dutch! ^_^ :) And your gamepage looks amazing! :O I am sooo looking forward to playing this game again! ^_^ XD :D

Awesome to hear that! And thanks for the compliment. I had a hard time figuring out the CSS coding to make the page look like this. Eager to see some new work from you too!
This looks really interesting, I'll have to test it out later once I get some free time!
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