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Progress Report

Demo update.

Flavor, more flavor!

Yes this update is pure for player expierence and convienence. The story is more stream lined and flavored and systems have had a overall overhaul. Here a few things:

- New Row names to get a better indication on what they do (that was a lot of renaming for me xD).
- New autosave mechanic that saves on slot and not on last save file (to get this to work they way I wanted was a headache).
- SmootherLoad-Save-Event add/completed/failed pop ups (a lot of changes in getting it to show properly).
- New weapons and armor in the prologue!
- Mezun merchants set up their TENTS to sell there wares from giving some nice extra visuals.
- 2 NEW Mezun Merchants have set up shop in the demo version!
- Better rewards for the side story lore reward quests, they now also give party EXP, not only just Lore.
- Some flavoring of the story here and there (small touches).
- Some small battle improvements here and there.
- Some small visual improvements here and there.


Play -The Lost- now!

Proud to announce to everyone reading this that the demo has reached a 'finalised' state meaning only minor things will change from this point on that will most likely not be noticed by anyone playing.


I hope you all enjoy it and let me know through rating or feedback what you liked/not liked about the game!

Thanks for taking an interest in the game!


Progress Report

V1.5.5b is up and running!

Enjoy new characters in this demo, more fine tuned battle mechanics, story lore and much much more. I hope you enjoy this refined work of The Lost!


The Lost V1.5.5b Coming soon

More recruitable characters, more content, better stream lined story, more lore, and a better balanced battle system is coming in a few weeks!

I finally have all the characters set up for the full game, now implementing all of them properly will take some time but it will be ready in the next update! Most of the new characters won't be able to be recruited in the demo but you can already meet them and interact with them (who knows maybe you can recruit 1 of them!)

I think the release will be in 1 or 2 weeks from now (the end of September)!

Looking forward to it,

cheers -DpC-

Progress Report

The Lost V1.5.5a Released

This version changed a part of the story to stream line better with future references.

Some small things here and there changed but nothing major apart from the above.

Also going steady with the progress of the full game so hope you all enjoy the demo!

Progress Report

The Lost V1.5.4 Released

Some nice changes are done in this new version 1.5.4!

- Added pop up text of the places you can enter on the world map.
- Lots of grammar issues have been resolved.
- New optional character can be found in Dokta on a new side quest.
- Re-vamped the initial story part when you start as Ragno
- Stream lined some battle mechanics.
- Closed off the Desert Region in the demo.

Thank you Guld for your feedback! It is highly appreciated and I added you into the credit section.


The Lost V1.5.3 Released

A brand new overhaul of the battle system has been implemented making the battles feel in need of some serious strategy planning! I would also like to ask for reviews of the current build as I want to close the chapter of working on the Demo and focus on finishing the game again. So don't forget to rate the game after you played it! Thanks in advance.



Update V1.5.1

Glad to announce a big update today! I just released it so jump right into the polished story line of The Lost and feel how the new battle system works. Can you take up all the side events and play it on hard mode!? Challenge yourself or play casual, your choice!

Have fun!



The Lost Game Page!

Finally I have everything up and running! Already have over 20 download! Thank you all for taking interest in this game. Please leave a revieuw when you've played this game! I really appriciate the interest!

Soon I will be focusing again on developing the main story and some fan art will be implement from BerryB a fellow indie developer that is currently doing a co-development with Starmage (another dev in the RMN community).

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