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The Lost Update

Finally, a big step has been made to increase performance. This should be a MAJOR update for the people playing on low-mid-end computers. So rejoice, make a bonfire, do a rain dance, and play The Lost!

Can we please optimize this game!?
- Optimised the prologue with lesser events running and swapping out some plugins. This is only for the prologue, so there will be graphic and performance issues after the prologue.
- Balanced down the agility of Lizaru by 20% so they do not always go first once you reach the level threshold.
- Balanced down the agility, defense, and magic defense and upped the % of damage from spells for the 'Relics of Old' hunt monster boss.
- Balanced the tutorial fights so the enemies are weaker and it is easier for the player to get by.
- Balanced the movement skills to give an extra buff or de-buff depending on the target and added a better explanation.
- Fixed a mini label not showing anymore after doing the 'Here Camel, Camel, Camel' side event.
- Revisioned the dialogue in the 1st area in the Desert Region.


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nice, but one question:

how i can check the system requirements for this game? just to avoid the feared blackboxes so common in rpgmakermv and similar
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