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A game by Fallingstar Games.

Every day is the same out here. It hasn't rained in years. Demons stalk me in darkness and in broad daylight. They always have.

I'm just trying to survive.

Every day, I go to the puddle by the sea. The only place with water.
Fresh water thankfully.
I need that water.
My home used to be an oasis, but that's since dried up.
Now I must fight every day to get to that water. That life sustaining water.
Sometimes I wonder though, is it really worth it? Is it worth the trouble?

Something is on that horizon though. I can feel it.

This is my story.

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During the first 2 minutes, the very first random encounter killed me three times in a row. The game won't let me flee in battle and attacks miss very often, so I gave up playing. I tried the game in easy mode btw.
Wait, you got stuck in a non-escapable random battle? Where were you when it activated? Usually you should be able to escape unless it's an important battle.

Also, what color hoodie did you have?
I was on my way to get that water. The enemy had the shape of a shadow. Can't remember the hoodie color. I tried to equip what's best.
Hm, that could be any of them really... regardless, if it was still the first day there shouldn't be any inescapable battles on the way there. Next time you encounter it, take a screenshot. Thank you.
It's hard to describe a battler who is just a shadow when all of them seem to be shadows. The battle wasn't inescapable, I think. There was an option to flee from the battle but it failed two or three times in a row each time.
Understandable. If it's the one I think you're referring to, that's usually the one worth dreading the most. Just keep trying and hopefully you make it out alive. Everything has meaning behind it.
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