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My game for the Twisted Fairy Tales Event.

Captain Hook has killed Wendy, John and Michael and now Peter has no happy thoughts and can no longer fly (basically just a plot element to stop me from having to add flying that would really complicate things). Find a new way out to the Jolly Roger and get your revenge on Captain Hook.

The game is styled like Ocarina of Time with low resolution textures to give the game an old school feel.

I originally intended to add three dungeons but time has cut that down to a single dungeon.

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so its over......or is it

So its over, The deadline for the event is in a couple of days and I really don't have anymore time to get anymore done. I enjoyed this one so much that I'm quite sad that's its not what I originally envisioned. I originally wanted at least three dungeons, the Never Mountain, The crocodile, A battle with Pans Shadow and all the other areas to be bigger with more to do in them(swimming with mermaids in mermaid cove for instance).

I also wanted to add a bit more depth to the fighting. lock, strafe, dodge and backflip(basically everything Link can do :P )
I also wanted to add items like slingshots, bows and a few other things.
AND MOST OF ALL FLYING(all though I gave up on flying real early on. The plot about him not being able to fly was just so I didn't have to add flying :P )
It was obvious to me from the beginning I could not add everything so it was just a case of keep stripping things down until the game was finished.

But rather than this be a list of what I didn't add, Rather let this be a list of the ideas I will hopefully add to a different Pan game one day in the future
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  • 10/23/2018 07:59 PM
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  • 10/28/2018
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'm super hyped to see how this plays. It's a rare occurrence to see a 3d game being released here.
I liked the concept, but in practice, the battles were sup awkward. In Zelda games, you can lock facing while backing up, allowing you to attack and dodge. In this game you fully turn around meaning while backing up as Navi, erm Tink advises, you are still open to attack.

Not that I didn't have awkwardness issues, mind you.
Wow! A 3D game for the event? :O I'm sooo excited to see how this plays out!! :O Looks really cool and I'm also a fan of the Celtic legends xD :D
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