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Let's Play: Libby and Anarchy

1) The game really doesn't give the player much of a reason to deploy most of the stances you can learn in this game. The only ones I found any use for were aggressive, defensive, and mystic. And I only ever busted out aggressive when I already knew the enemy was near death and I was hoping to finish them off quickly. And you only need to use the mystic stance in order to take down the dragon boss. In fact, you'll spend most of your time in this game in the defensive stance.

2) I never really found a use for the skills "reflect" and "extra life". While I suppose reflect could be useful in a few fights. It's use pales in comparison to how potent the skill "poison weapon" is in this game. Especially if your willing to camp out in defensive stance in order to weaken the enemies attacks.

3) I wish Fomar0153 would go back and deal with the bad word wrapping in a few places.

4) It's possible to skip over the boss fight with caz and simply move onto the final boss battle.