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Progress Report

End of Year Update

A few days ago, I hit a major development milestone: This is Not My Final Form can now be played from start to end. It has an actual ending and everything! However, in its current state the game is an extremely bare bones dungeon crawler with very little in the way of actual story. That's because, by design, most of the story scenes happen in optional content. So right now, the game offers the experience you would get if you just raced to the ending ignoring all of the side stuff: A valid way to play, but not the most fulfilling. The story bits that you unlock by walking off the beaten path do more than provide context, some are required viewing if you want to unlock the TRUE ENDING PATH/<ominous capslock>.

So... Look forward to that! Sometime next year!

Let us all time travel to the future, away from 2020.

Game Design

Demon Summoning

There is a demon summoning mechanic in the game. Of course, since you play as the demon, you won't be the one doing the summoning. Instead, you'll be the one getting summoned:

Throughout the game, you'll come across several summoning circles with varying requirements (level, forms or weapons equipped, etc.). If you meet those requirements, you'll be able to answer the call of whichever foolish human has decided to risk his soul in exchange for your services.

(Summoned demons are akin to psychic projections, so even if they can interact in a limited capacity with the living world, they remain trapped in Hell)

Progress Report

This update will make your heart go ★♥Doki Doki♥★

The good news: I've finally finished the huge map I was working on. It will serve as a hub area of sorts for the game.

The bad news: Predictably, it doesn't feel as big when I walk around it ingame. Adding NPCs and stuff to do should mitigate that, hopefully. It's deserted right now.

The worse news: As anyone who has been paying attention has probably noticed by now, I'm failing miserably at that "update weekly" thing. Going forward, I'll stick to updating when I actually have something I'm excited to share. Like this gross... heart thing. Isn't it wonderful?

Progress Report

It's not all drab grey corridors

Every now and then you'll get some glimpses of color!

Answering AIDrumkit's question in a previous blog post, the game uses both tilesets and parallax maps. This particular map (of which this screenshot shows but a small part) combines both, and it's probably the most ambitious thing I've ever attempted in a game, graphics wise.

Progress Report

Still trying to shake off the new year funk

I was supposed to update this once a week, wasn't I? Wooops.

The fact that the work I'm doing right now on the game is rather unexciting doesn't help my motivation. The result should be worth it, but the process is soul draining. Burn out is reeeaaaal.

Progress Report

Lucifer's Repose

I imported a WIP parallax into the game to check whether the player could see all the cool parts of the finished map without wandering off the beaten path or glitching beyond the game's boundaries.

The answer, predictably, was "NO". Gotta retouch some stuff.

Also get those scrolls away from the water.


Happy New Year!

Progress is slow right now, due to Holiday season stuff.

Here's some early sketches of the protagonist's demon forms:


Repair Bonus

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Repairing a broken form has the obvious benefit of being able to equip it again, but a few select forms will also grant you what is called a "Repair Bonus", a buff which usually takes effect at the start of the next battle.


Form Encyclopedia

The Form Encyclopedia is a useful item you can count on to keep track of all the forms you have collected (and the ones you have yet to collect).

From this gif you can easily extrapolate how many forms there will be in the finished game. You just need to know your multiplication tables!

Spoiler: It's 24.


Character introduction: The heroes

Hey, look! It's those guys to the left of the gamepage! Boy, are they screwed!

While you climb your way out of Hell, evil is also afoot in the world of the living. A cabal of dark magicians known as the Order of the Sunken Star is on the verge of completing a horrifying ritual they have been preparing for centuries. In opossition to them stands the Hoshigami clan, a family of exorcists and demon hunters dedicated to fight supernatural threats. The mystic mirror Yata no Kagami has shown them a glimpse of a terrible future, an approaching calamity that could destroy the world as we know it; and they have reason to believe it is somehow connected to the Sunken Star's plans.

Three young exorcists will find themselves embroiled in this conflict between light and darkness...

Mamoru is the heir to the Hoshigami clan, and the chosen wielder of the holy sword, the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, which according to the mirror's prophecy is the only weapon capable of vanquishing the encroaching evil. His tireless optimism and peerless bravery make him a beacon of light in these dark times.

Direct descendant of Abe no Seimei, Hideto is a genius exorcist, and a master of the Seimei school of onmyoudou. In combat he wields the legendary enchanted spear "Ogre Slayer". He initially refuses to acknowledge Mamoru as the prophesied hero, but eventually comes to respect him as a worthy leader.

Mamoru's childhood friend and fellow exorcist. Kotori's family have been retainers of the Hoshigami clan for generations. She has strong feelings towards Mamoru, but she can't bring herself to tell him...
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