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This update will make your heart go ★♥Doki Doki♥★

  • Erilex
  • 03/14/2019 07:49 PM

The good news: I've finally finished the huge map I was working on. It will serve as a hub area of sorts for the game.

The bad news: Predictably, it doesn't feel as big when I walk around it ingame. Adding NPCs and stuff to do should mitigate that, hopefully. It's deserted right now.

The worse news: As anyone who has been paying attention has probably noticed by now, I'm failing miserably at that "update weekly" thing. Going forward, I'll stick to updating when I actually have something I'm excited to share. Like this gross... heart thing. Isn't it wonderful?


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Well I think the heart, especially the animation, looks quite good. The entire map does in fact, but I agree it looks a little small.
Good to see this isnt deserted :D
I am looking forward to seeing updates from this.
Oh, the full map is a LOT bigger than that screenshot:

It still feels small compared to what it felt like when I was working on it. So MANY HOURS.
See it like this... it is to make the game better =P
And what I see right now I like.
This update sends my heart aflutter.
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