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End of Year Update

  • Erilex
  • 12/31/2020 03:32 PM
A few days ago, I hit a major development milestone: This is Not My Final Form can now be played from start to end. It has an actual ending and everything! However, in its current state the game is an extremely bare bones dungeon crawler with very little in the way of actual story. That's because, by design, most of the story scenes happen in optional content. So right now, the game offers the experience you would get if you just raced to the ending ignoring all of the side stuff: A valid way to play, but not the most fulfilling. The story bits that you unlock by walking off the beaten path do more than provide context, some are required viewing if you want to unlock the TRUE ENDING PATH/<ominous capslock>.

So... Look forward to that! Sometime next year!

Let us all time travel to the future, away from 2020.


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Interesting. Multiple endings....
Well anyways I wish you good luck to finish that as well. It will probably be a very interesting game you are putting together there.

Happy new year. Or should I say may your quest for world domination or eradication find fruit? I am honestly not sure if that is a good idea...
You're magical to me.
Fantastic! Really looking forward to this game and all the content, optional or otherwise! :DDDDD

Multiple endings? Hmm, maybe my theory of Shatter - or at least someone that isn't Our Heroes - being the true final boss isn't too far off. Or maybe not. I look forward to finding out in 2021.
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