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La Pazza Leiorso is a game made for RMN’s Halloween 2018 Event. The original story is The She-Bear which originates from Italy. Giambattista Basile was the first to collect this story into a collection, Il Pentamerone, which was first published in five installments between 1634 and 1636. OldPat helped with a few of the italian syntax translations. The rest is google. (blame google if it looks weird) Was planning on even more crazy choice paths, but was sick for...basically 3/4th the event, ooph. Still, I'm pretty happy with what I've got here.

Known Bugs: 2, Overlap character in chapter 2 and message box staying up during chapter change, fixed in internal version but won't upload new version until more bugs or content done.

Description: La Pazza Leiorso is a visual novel style game with an emphasis on choices that matter or don’t. Red herrings and swedish fish abound. Better patch up your nets, fishing season is on! (game contains little to no actual fish)

Warning: Due to the content of the original Fairy Tale and the RMN Twist I’ve put on it, I’m self-rating this as a Mature Game. Game includes topics of Incest, Violence, Murder, and a man wanted to do very strange things to a bear that is probably illegal in your country. Rape and Infanticide are mentioned but not a part of the current version.

Story: Long ago in the kingdom of Roccaspra lived a King and Queen who had a beautiful and kind daughter. But the skies are darkening and winter of discontent falls. What shall befall this royal family? Will the young Princess Preziosa remain kind and pure when fate is unkind?


Princess Preziosa- The kind Princess of Roccaspra. Takes after her mother in terms of looks and kind mannerisms. Enjoys cake, kittens, dancing, and charity.

King Orsatto Giustiniani II- Warrior King of Roccaspra. His sword never leaves his side.

Queen Antonia Giustiniani- The beautiful and kind wife of King Orsatto Giustiniani II.

Chiara- A shopkeeper who frequently sells high quality cosmetics to Princess Preziosa.

Advisor- King Orsatto’s highly trusted advisor. Always wears a silk cloth over his face.

Credits: Bear by Shade(touched up), Queen Buongiorno!, Himesama wa Princess, Backgrounds from Walkure Romanze, Shinseiki Ijitte Princess NEXT, Chara Bration! ~Otome wa Koishite Chara Bureru~. Music from Fran Bow, Myst, VNM RTP, RPG Maker, and Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

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This looks so good and its made with VNmaker! :O Love those artworks and the premise + fairy tale based on sounds interesting. :)
a fun time; story really take me for a twist
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