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Made for the Twisted Fairy Tales event (Halloween, 2018). The story is loosely based on the fairy tale of Goldilocks. The game uses a fully custom game engine written in Mercury.

You and your friend decide to get a bite to eat a small burger place. First the food is too cold. Then it's too hot. At last, it comes out just right. Your friend wants a refund, and you decide to follow her...into a trap, set by three bear monsters that assumed human form! With whatever help you can find, try to get out alive, without becoming bearfood yourself.

The game features several unique puzzles, all original artwork and music, and a grim storyline that is familiar, but with some twists!

I'm sorry about the audio glitches during the second puzzle. I had to hack all of the audio code in during the last hour of the event, and this is how it came out.

FAIR WARNING: There is (poorly drawn) pixel-art gore in this game. And skeletons. At least one entire skeleton.

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