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She was one of the best in her line of work. She had it all - the money, the fame, the respect of her peers and the fear in the eyes of her enemies. But sometimes all it takes is one hit from the bitch called life to knock you off your feet. Following the tragedy of the RM-8 incident, Eva Reynes finds herself in a life drenched with alcohol and music, with no care in the world for her job and her responsibilities. Evenings once spent chasing criminals were now spent chasing bottles of whisky.
On one such evening, her apprentice and friend, Damien Wills, sent a call for help to the only person he could look up to. He had been framed for murder.

"Just one case" is what she said when she put on her overcoat and headed for the scene of the crime. But when she finds out that this case is more complex than it seemed, and it connects to the one case which ruined her life, how will she react? Are there answers at the end of the road, or will she end up chasing shadows leading nowhere? How will the years of drinking and reclusion take a toll on her when it matters the most? Walk in the footsteps of the legendary Eva Reynes and unveil the truth.

Warning: Eva Reynes: Volume One a is dark, sadistic mystery game which gets increasingly difficult, and there will be no hand-holding after the tutorial. After the first episode, you will be on your own to make deductions and find clues. The game will NOT warn you if you go on the wrong path, miss clues, or make wrong deductions, which may eventually put you on a one way street to a bad ending. At times you won't even know where you made the mistake.

- Unique personalities, complex and unpredictable plots, and a captivating story.
- Investigate crime scenes, search for clues, make deductions and find out the truth.
- Engage in timed discourse battles; point out contradictions using the evidence you've found.
- Manage and develop skills/traits like Personality, Perception, Discourse, etc.
- At times you'll have to choose between being a good person or a good investigator.
- Original content and artwork.
- Several bad endings, one normal ending and one true ending.

Please refer to the Characters page for character profiles.

Website: https://www.potatobraingames.com/eva-reynes

Latest Blog

Development Completion

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that the development phase of Eva Reynes is now complete. We'll be doing thorough testing rounds and polishing the game to make sure everything shines before the release.

The tentative release date is September 11th.

Thank you for being part of the journey and making this possible.
Looking forward to seeing you in the game!



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This looks amazing, Rishi! :O Love the artworks and overall premise of the game! :O So interesting to see how a detective game from you will play!! ^_^ :)Subbed! xD
I agree that this looks pretty good ^_^ I'll be looking forward to a demo.

Though, one thing I'd like to suggest is to make the font size about the right size to fit two lines of dialogue per box, like in the 3DS Fire Emblem games. That is, if you ever plan to port this game to mobile; the bigger font size will be much easier to read on a smaller screen.

Should you not be able to fit a full sentence in one dialogue box, you'd take a page out of manga's book (heh) and place ellipses to separate the line between boxes.

Btw, who's the artist behind those lovely CGs? : o
@Starmage Thanks! Making investigation contracts in Eredia was fun for me, so I thought I'd make a full fledged detective/suspense game next. xD

@Tespy I'll keep that in mind, but I'm not sure I'll be porting this to mobile as this is made in a much higher resolution. If I do, I might make it so the text takes up a bit more of the screen. I can't make it two-lined because many of the lines in the discourse battles are already three-lined. I plan to make the game in Japanese as well.

The CGs are drawn by Sage-san, the same artist who worked in Eredia. The scope in Eredia was a bit limited as I'd asked him to create the characters using the RM-generated faces.
Fair enough. And, I see ^_^ I just gained a new respect for Sage; I didn't know he was so versatile, able to draw in two different styles.
@Tespy This is the style he's most comfortable with, and I love the results so far. In Eredia, the first artist bailed out after working on 4 character portraits, and he had to adapt to the style of the previous artist and make sure there were no art inconsistencies.
@Starmage Thanks! Making investigation contracts in Eredia was fun for me, so I thought I'd make a full fledged detective/suspense game next.

Yeah! I didnt forget that really fun detective investigation bit on Eredia! And I love it! So I'm sure this one will be good! And not to mention the cast are also very interesting! XD :D
@Starmage Well, I didn't put in some of the characters here to avoid spoilers (and because art-work is still in progress), but overall there will be 20+ characters with full body graphics and multiple CGs. I'll keep on updating this page and the website frequently, though I don't plan on releasing a public demo immediately. ^^
Wow!!! :O Best of luck for the demo's public release soon! I would love to test it out myself also whenever it's ready! ^_^ And it's awesome to know that we'll be getting to know more awesome characters with their own artworks as well soon! ^_^
Hello Rishi! ^_^ I'm sorry I'm late, since holidays took a lot out of me ahaha! But I just played the tester's demo you gave, and I really really enjoyed it! :D Very high quality presentation, and the dialogues were very clever and witty! :) I love the mood and ambience of the maps + the music used. xD Makes for a very cozy and classic detective adventure. :D

I got until the second discourse battle, and I still have to figure out how to beat that person. >.< (maybe I missed a clue or something along the way x(( )

I love the idea of finding clues and using what you learned about the case to beat people in discourse battles, too. :) I see that you used the detective feature in Eredia to its' full potential here, and I'm enjoying it! XD :)

The artworks, are once again, superb! :)

I'm still curious at how the story and the investigation will unfold, so I'm readily looking forward for more even though I still haven't beaten the second discourse battle. xD :D

This is an amazing project, and I can see it has a bright future ahead! ^_^ Best wishes, Rishi! :D
@Starmage Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it. ^^
Which part did you get stuck at? I'm improving the hints in the next version along with making a lot of improvements and difficulty balancing, thanks to the feedback I got from the testers. The new version will be ready in a few days.
You're welcome, Rishi!! :D I got the new version already! Cant wait to play it this weekend. ^_^ Oh! And hmm, I believe I got stuch in the part where I needed to prove to him that he wasn't on vacation? XD :D
Howdy all! Just bumping to invite you guys to the Discord channel that I set up.

I'll be very active there and will answer to all queries/requests regarding this game and Eredia as well.
Our new trailer is ready! Let me know what you all think. ^^
i love the game. it really captures that mystery detective and deduction feel. The writing is great and eva is an amazing character. i cant wait to continue the game, when is part 2 gonna be up for downloading?
@jayfeather Thanks for your interest and I'm glad you liked the demo. Episode 2, 3 and 4 will be part of the final release, and I won't be releasing them separately. The first game will contain Episode 1-4.
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