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Progress Report: December

Hi dudes and dudettes (okay, I admit that sucked),

I know I'm about a week late, but in spite of the laziest month of the year, I actually managed to finish Episode 2 on time. Yeah, I'm kinda surprised myself.
So without further ado, here's what's happened:

- Finished the writing and development of Episode 2(artwork is 30% complete).
- Finished working on the Deduction system.
- Did lots of bugtesting, proofreading and fixing for Episode 1.
- Added a Journal.
- Increased the font size.
- Made the difficulty relatively easier with improved hints and no penalty for first repeat in Discourse Battles. Also increased the overall time available for responding

The next goal is to get a public demo ready by the end of January and finish Episode 3 by February. Looking forward to your support on Kickstarter!



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Looking good ^_^ Thought about maybe having a Patreon sometime, btw?
Not really... based on the trend that I've seen, Patreon probably wouldn't work for commercial RPG Maker game developers, that is unless your games have sexual content.

I just hope that the Kickstarter succeeds.
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