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World Description

Sanc'ta, home to the island nations of Eleria , Din and The Northern Isle, with the large continent of Zal'or located in the Sea of Slumber, to the south. These four nations make up the World of Sanc'ta. A world governed by Science and Magic, along with Religion. With vast oceans, multitudes of islands, dense forests and rolling dunes covering the surface of this lush world, Sanc'ta is a true paradise of diverse beauty.

Sculpted by the heavens itself, Sanc'ta is a true paradise and sanctuary to the diverse life and creatures of creation that dwell within. Rich, culture-influenced towns, villages and cities dot the nations of our world. Truly, it is a place of beauty and peace - Sanc'ta, a world unlike any other.

Game Description

A world of peace, thrown into war by the acts of greed, lies and hatred. Nations plot the destruction of their neighbors, while their people fear death and chaos from the threats of war. As the war escalates, death tolls begin to rise. Each day brings only despair and fear to the people of Sanc'ta. No longer is it a world of peace and beauty. Sanc'ta has become a world of fallen and lost souls fearing that this will be the end to their way of life.

Now, more than 20 years into the " War of the Nations ". Cities have been destroyed, towns completely wiped out. Without an end to the war in sight, a new weapon has been developed. A weapon with the power to crush any enemy, which no nation could dream of with-standing against such power. In the hands of the Northern Nation, Eleria, this weapon is being prepared for use, to end the war once and for all. Now, desperate motions must be made.

They had no way of knowing the true measure of destruction that this weapon would bring to the world of Sanc'ta......

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So this will be the first game I have actually completed.
I have made/started around 60 games over the last 20 years. With this game " Sanc'ta " It will be as much a Game, as a starter template for the specs of skills, enemies, weapons and armors. It will also be the pre-base to future games in the
Sanc'ta world/Universe. So far I am on track to have the game completed by December 14th.
Stay tunes for further updates.
Sadly this game will not be able to be finished......

I recently lost my home to a house fire. Do to this I will no longer be able
To Complete " Sanc'ta The Beginning. At the moment of it's destruction, This game was completed with out bugs nearly 50%. That would be around 9hrs of game play.
Truly a horrible day that was.

I thank you for everyone who looked in on this game from time to time, as well as anyone who subscribed. I hope that with my next project, I will have a completed game for all of you.

Thank You,
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