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Timothy's grandfather is ill and he's going to die.

The magical mushroom is able to heal any wound and illness.

But the magical mushroom only grows into the dangerous and unknown Mysterious Forest.

Timothy starts his journey to find the mushroom and save his grandfather: he did not know what tremendous dangers he would face.

Will he be able to come back alive?

~~ THE GAME ~~

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest has been defined "a Soulslike-Game Boy experience" by beta testers. The game it's challenging and unforgiving, nostalgic at the beginning and increasingly scary as the player proceeds. No one has ever came back from the Mysterious Forest. Are you ready for this challenge?

- 4 hours of gameplay

- A twisted fairytale with plot-twists

- Game Boy feeling with scanlines and 4:3 ratio

- 3 different endings


Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design

Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Additional pixel art

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Not sure if I'm going to play th- *looks at the trailer* ...ok, I'll play this!
Not sure if I'm going to play th- *looks at the trailer* ...ok, I'll play this!

Hahahaha :D thank you! Really it's inspiring :) let me know your feedback!

A retro gaming style for a great rpg maker mv game! :)
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