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Welcome to HorrorVale, a world full of monsters, ghouls, and all sorts of fiendish undead.
Help Alice on her quest to save her dog from strange and unusual monsters who suddenly showed up in HorrorVale!
HorrorVale is a Spooky RPG where you explore the world, battle monsters, uncover mysteries, and meet wacky characters along the way. Don't worry about anyone you kill along the way, everyone is already dead!

Taking place in a strange place known as "The Underworld", undead monsters roam freely and live "peacefully". On her way to HorrorVale High, Alice is suddenly thrust into an adventure beyond anything she can imagine as she goes on a quest to save her dog from a mysterious group of monsters known only as "Creepies", who showed up without warning and are causing trouble.


Tracks from our original soundtrack!

Act 1 Soundtrack available here:

It's also worth it to subscribe to our official YouTube channel. We'll be uploading more updates as well as songs from the soundtrack in the future.

Latest Blog

HorrorVale - Act 1 Proper Full-Screen Patch

We've released a brand new patch for HorrorVale - Act 1 that allows you to freely enter and exit fullscreen with the press of a key (F5) at any time, and without the stretching/blurry pixels. Go check it out for yourself!

Also of note: We only just recently noticed that here on RPG Maker net, the version of the game available was NOT HorrorVale Act 1, but instead a much, much older version of the game. So if you've downloaded that, we ask you to please download the newest version.
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  • 11/18/2018 05:50 PM
  • 11/30/2020 01:44 PM
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Hey this is

Really adorable.
One really creative game. Love the style and the characters. The environments are really nice ! The story is interesting. I'm curious about all the others things that the full game will have. And i can't forget aaaall those references. SO COOL !!

Good luck i will support you and i can't wait <3 !
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