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What is the magic recipe to make a successful game? The question burned Dang's mind, and went to college to study the matter. However, he eventually discovered that the subject matter was simply not covered in any course. He left in disgust, and found a group called SU NGHIEP, that might just have the answers he's looking for!

- Tactical battle system
- Side-questing based on current date, and time of day
- Life-like traffic
- Pet system
- Mini games

Personal aside
This game was made during the 2018 IGMC, and can be found here. Please vote for it here!

This is based on my own personal experience. Like, I wanted to create a game, so, like our protagonist here, I went to college. However, during that time, I couldn't really learn about how to create. A. Game. So, I decided to leave school and do a bit of self-study on the matter. Hence, this humble attempt!

Language support:

English, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, VietNamese, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Italian

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Development log

Dev log Outschool game #DAY 1 - 10
DEV LOG: Tactical game OutSchool
A game by UHPD Games

Hello, I'm Ung Hoang Phi Dang , I'm from Vietnam . I love games and do want to create them. This is the first time I participated in #igmc 2018 and also the first time to make a game. Okay, let's get started.
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Tactical RPG: Out School - PHI boss fight / Final Mission - Gameplay Walkthrough

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