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  • Liberty
  • 01/31/2019 01:23 AM
Circuit was created for the IGMC 2018 and ended up being the grand prize winner of the competition! Congrats for that guys! I will be reviewing the contest version and as such will not be putting a number to the review, though I will give a personal score in the summary.

Presentation-wise Circuit is very, very nice. It has a high level of polish and a lot of charm and character. Coming from the team that created Paletta, it's no wonder that visually the game is of a high standard. The tiles and characters are incredibly cute and sleek, and the overall visual aspect is stunning. The sound and music are also very well used and fit the setting really well.

The plot is simple, but charming, and has a lot of promise for future releases. It focuses on a young girl who finds a crash-landed alien near her terminal and helps it get through the orbital station that she lives on in order to get to the moon - a place that she wants to go to as well. It's simple, but what brings it to life is the characters and their interactions with each other and the world around them (in some cases). They're adorable and I just want to pinch all the cheeks.

Gameplay is rather simplistic and this is where the game is let down a bit in some areas. It revolves around various puzzles and interactions, but most of them are fairly simple - a 'hiding' stealth game where you need to avoid guards and some very easy RPG-standard cross-puzzles where you click on a panel and turn the others around it a different colour.

One gameplay idea that I would love to see expanded on in the future is the keyword search feature. Basically, you could go to terminals and do the equivalent of a google search. Unfortunately, it's very basic and while you can learn a few things about the main character, Mir, it's not really stuff that you can't figure out for yourself through the rest of the game. There were times when it seemed like you should be able to search other words (like Earth, to get a history check, for example) but nothing came up, and the visual aspects of the search were rather lacking.

Overall, the game was cute and fun. You could find and interact with a rubber ducky to get some optional scenes, which I heartily approve of doing, and there's a lot of promise for the game to be expanded and made into something really cool. I'd give it 4-4.5 stars if I were scoring it.


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Thanks for the review, Liberty!! We're excited to expand on the demo and add a lot of new gameplay ideas that people will (hopefully!) enjoy~
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