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A Playable Gorey Hentai Minus the Hentai

You know you have an intriguing trip ahead when you're title screen depicts a girl suspended by chains in a non-sexual manner. Momoka is about some Japanese catholic girls investigating superstitious happenings in their school, which is a premise that's a dime a dozen these days – so how does Momoka fair in the vein of a diluted horror market?

Let's begin this trip into the supernatural by laying out the core components of the review: Gameplay, Presentation, and Story.


As is traditional for any horror game, the main concern here is to travel throughout the game, collecting key items to solve obstacles in your way, whatever they may be. Not the case here. The most the game offers in terms of problem solving is pushing a button, backtracking one room, grabbing an item, and...that's it. Very little in terms of actual gameplay outside of the finale, which was the only moment in this demo-length game I felt actual tension as you're chased around the room while attempting to destroy pods to forward plot.

The pods took a little too much damage in order to destroy, but once each one is wrecked, you get a syringe that you then in turn use on the monster. Three plot-injected needles later...it's over. That's it. I wish that I could say this small game has more to offer, but we're not done yet...


I know that in horror games, hallways and rooms have to be open enough to escape whatever horror is after you. And these rooms have room aplenty. The problem is that it's just empty space, little decoration, and there's no real exploration. It's bland. But the biggest flaw in it's presentation ties not only into this section, but the next one too – Too much telling, not enough showing.

There was only one time this was effective in the game – when the main character was blindfolded. The other times it felt like a cheap way to express the story but not actually show us anything we could latch onto. It felt that half the story was done solely for shock, and for plot contrivance.

Speaking of the plot...


What even IS this?

Hidden because I spoil it. Ready? 3...2...1...

It started off with the idea of investigating the paranormal rumors surrounding this catholic school. This had me intrigued, but skeptical. Plot progression: Girls find out it's a hoax, but one of the other girls in the dorm rats out the two curious dames and, in typical fashion, the main character goes noble on us and decides to take the fall. That leads us to her 'exile' from the others...

Where she is then tortured, has her legs cut off at the thigh, and is then killed by her clone who we now play as for the remainder of the game?

And all this for what end?

To satisfy a sex crazed...alien. An alien?

To say that I was a bit let down is an understatement. I audibly groaned when I read the lines revealing the culprit to the atrocities and when the game was over...I came away feeling not only robbed of what could have been a decent investigative horror story. Instead I got a hentai plotline turned into a light gore-fest.

Miscellaneous Notes

There's not much left to be said that hasn't been addressed. The mapping, the plot, and the interactivity is paper thin and bland. It -has- room to be improved upon and expanded if the creator wanted to do ALOT more with it, but as is, it's just a short venture into absurdity and gore for gores sake. Typos and odd sentence structure pervade this game but...in the face of bigger problems, it's the least concerning thing.

Final Score

I feel I've been harsh with this title. And maybe I have. Is it worth experiencing? No matter how bad a game might be, the answer is yes – experience it for yourself. Is it a good game? No. Is a good first -attempt-? Absolutely. If this isn't a first attempt, then it was put together well enough to function from beginning to end, even if the middle to the end was disappointing.

I'm giving MOMOKA a....

2 tentacles groping a clone out of 5