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Progress Report

New Demo Released!

So, as I continue to work on the game, I've come baring gifts in the form of screenshots! So, moving away from the sprites has become my main focus so far, so the demo itself will not change very much, but it will look very different!

Characters and monsters are now 3D models and a toon-shader applied to them.

The textures on plants and the ground have but upgraded slightly to a more "hand painted" look, done by yours truely.

The Espirsion (stats and skill) Tree is also seeing a major overhaul to it's visuals!

Oh, and I went ahead and uploaded the new demo, have fun! :D

Progress Report

Continued Progress

I'd like to thank everyone who has checked out my game so far! I really appreciate the interest. I just wanted to let you all know that what we have is far from the final version of this game. I'm going to work hard on trying to update the game to a commercial quality project while also taking in any feedback I can during the process.

I'd like to show a couple things I've got in the works for the game so far:

How about some Sci-Fi Assets for a whole new intro to the game?

Also, I'm updating characters with a cel-shaded model style. This will significantly cut down on development time. I had a poll on multiple threads about the switch and I ended up with a large majority liking the models a bit better for this style game. Here's a peek at Kent:

That's all for now I hope to have more to show you in the coming weeks as I continue development. Take care!
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