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Welcome to the second season of Diamond Idol, a reality TV show where you can become the most talked about idol in the country. Your brother won the first season, and you are ready to follow in his footsteps. Winning this contest might be the only avenue to dancing with him on stage again. Make friends, train hard, and do whatever it takes to become this season's Diamond Idol!


Dia:dol is a game made for IGMC 2018. This prototype shows one possible outcome of the first two weeks of the contest. Dia:dol focuses on building the stats of the player character, performing in a weekly contest, and bonding with the other fourteen men who are in it to win. Dia:dol offers a wealth of art, fun characters, and a concept that we hope you'll enjoy!

Visit the IGMC page here to rate us if you enjoy it!

Latest Blog

Idol Spotlight - Part Two

Welcome back to another Idol Spotlight! Let's introduce three more of the men waiting to show their killer charisma, dance skills, and lyrical talent on stage!


Age: 54
Talent: Natural Charm
Hobbies: Travelling
Likes: Dogs, hard candies
Dislikes: Dishonest people

Lanford joined Diamond Idol without any hope of winning, knowing how much his age would be a handicap. He's competing mostly for the experience and in hopes of gaining exposure. Even so, Lanford is a very confident man who simply knows his limitations. His love of travelling has allowed him to pick up several languages (though he's not as fluent as he thinks). An unstoppable flirt.



Age: 29
Talent: Vocal Range
Hobbies: Motorcycles
Likes: Math, His Motorcycle, Men
Dislikes: Conflict, Bad Coffee

Chris was the lead vocalist for his brother's garage band but quit in order to compete in Diamond Idol. Leaving the band has driven a wedge between the brothers' relationship, but Chris refuses to let that stop him. When not singing, Chris puts his time towards tinkering with his motorcycle. He thinks he is quite suave but gets easily embarrassed when a cute boy flirts back at him.



Age: 23
Talent: Jack of all Trades
Hobbies: Photography, Paranormal Investigation
Likes: Ghost stories, Abandoned Places, Mystery Novels
Dislikes: His anxiety, Heavy Contact Sports

Jasper is the son of a detective and a huge fan of the previous winner of Diamond Idol, The Prince of Ice. He has dreamed of being an idol for years and practiced a lot; however, his social anxiety has always kept him from the stage. Driven by a chance to dance with his role model, Jasper is doing his best to perform. He claims he can see ghosts.


That's all for today! Remember to click the download link to try out the demo and leave us a rating if you enjoy what you see. Stay tuned for the third installment!

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night.


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You're magical to me.
Great to see this game on RMN! Loved the demo :DDDDDDD
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