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Welcome to the second season of Diamond Idol, a reality TV show where you can become the most talked about idol in the country. Your brother won the first season, and you are ready to follow in his footsteps. Winning this contest might be the only avenue to dancing with him on stage again. Make friends, train hard, and do whatever it takes to become this season's Diamond Idol!


Dia:dol is a game made for IGMC 2018. This prototype shows one possible outcome of the first two weeks of the contest. Dia:dol focuses on building the stats of the player character, performing in a weekly contest, and bonding with the other fourteen men who are in it to win. Dia:dol offers a wealth of art, fun characters, and a concept that we hope you'll enjoy!

Visit the IGMC page here to rate us if you enjoy it!

Latest Blog

Idol Spotlight - Part One

It's time to meet the competitors of the second season of Diamond Idol, a reality TV show where 15 men compete on stage to be crowned as the new number one idol. On today's Idol Spotlight, we'll be introducing three of the men who will put their skills to the test!


Age: 2x?
Talent: Bad Dancing
Hobbies: Cooking, Food Blog
Likes: Food, Being the center of attention
Dislikes: Angry people, Not having fun

Perry comes from a family of chefs and studied under them for years, but running the cafe was never his dream. He started performing on a stage built in the cafe with the sole purpose of making guests smile and laugh. Craving more and more attention, Perry decided to audition for Diamond Idol. He longs to be surrounded and pampered by girls. Perry uses his youthful looks to his advantage, acting mischievous and playful, and manipulating others into doing things for him. Perry's a bit touchy about revealing his true age.



Age: 31
Talent: Melodic Voice
Hobbies: Video Games
Likes: Sweet foods, His fans
Dislikes: His low self-esteem

Ryan is a streamer who does let's plays of obscure retro games and also creates vocal remixes of popular video game music under the online handle DJRye. His fans told him about Diamond Idol, pressuring him into trying out despite him being quite nervous about it. He's always worried about his appearance, knowing that he intimidates others with his large stature and deep voice. Despite everything, he wants to do his best and not let his fans down.



Age: 22
Talent: N/A
Hobbies: Collects Plushies
Likes: Cleaning
Dislikes: Pressure, Germs

A quiet boy who lacks professional training, Justin makes up for it in untapped, raw talent. Justin auditioned for Diamond Idol alongside his friends, although he wasn't too sure what it was at the time. In the end, he got in and his friend's didn't. He tried to press for the reason why, but the host only told him 'you have a good face for it.' Justin is a bit slow to pick up on things and struggles to remember the names of his peers.


That's all for today! Remember to click the download link to try out the demo and leave us a rating if you enjoy what you see. We'll be back next time to introduce more of our idol hopefuls.

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night.


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You're magical to me.
Great to see this game on RMN! Loved the demo :DDDDDDD
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