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Idol Spotlight - Finale

It's time to introduce our final two contestants for Diamond Idol!


Age: 35
Talent: Great Actor
Likes: Horror Movies, Cats
Dislikes: Childish Games, Romantic Comedies

A refined young man who has previous experience performing musicals with a trope at his local theatre. He often performed roles of very elegant characters but was not any more famous than the other members of the group. Yun is very quiet and comes across as unapproachable, but he is actually quite warm and kind. Along with being very talented at acting, singing, and dancing, Yun gives very good hugs with his upper body strength.



Age: 20
Talent: Untapped Potential
Likes: Anime, Table Tennis, Public Speaking
Dislikes: Running, Waking up Early
(Disclaimer: In the demo, Stephen is known as Jared. That will be revised in the full game.)

Stephen was born in a small village at the foot of a mountain range. The village was not burnt down, both of his parents are still alive, he's never had an animal mascot that talks to him, and a girl has never fallen out of the sky and landed on him -- but none of that matters, because he -IS- destined to be a hero and save the world. Maybe he'll get to pilot a mecha or obtain super powers or rescue a girl with a magical blue gem from an evil empire or maybe he'll simply become a top idol and spread love and hope through his song and dance. He'll find a way. Stephen's boisterous personality made him popular in school, despite being a total nerd who was bad at sports. He believes everyone is a hero in their own way.


Before we go, it's time for something extra special! A closer look at our winner of last season, The Prince of Ice himself!

Those sorrowful eyes have captured the entire nation since his unexpected victory, and in the last year, his worldwide tour has gained him even larger renown. The winner of this year's season will have the honour of performing alongside him at his worldwide tour's final stage right here in Diamond Idol's home country. What a great honour!


Now that you, dear viewers, have met all our contests, who do you think will stand on stage next to The Prince of Ice? Who do you think will be our next breakout hit, the next Diamond Idol? Stay tuned to watch these 15 men try to outsing, outdance, and outlive each other on stage!

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night!


Hi everyone! There's less than a day left for IGMC ratings. We'd love to talk a little bit more openly about the game we want to make here. While it presents itself as a Simulation Visual Novel about growing your character to compete in the contest, there's a darker edge at play here. Anyone who has made it to the end of the demo already knows - but the contestants of Diamond Idol will do -whatever- it takes to win. Including murder.

What we hope to present with the finished product is a branching story where your training, decisions, and friendships determine who gets voted off, who gets killed off, and who wins.

To anyone who has already played the demo and left a rating, thank you! To anyone who hasn't - Be sure to check it out!


Idol Spotlight - Part Four

We're almost at the end of our Idol Spotlights, dear viewers. Let's introduce three more contestants for Diamond Idol!


Age: 29
Talent: Aura of an Idol
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???

Who is he? Where did he come from? I'm the host so I should know? Well, you aren't wrong.



Age: 27
Talent: Thrives Under Pressure
Likes: His Family, Crossword Puzzles
Dislikes: The Economy, Matching Socks

Archie comes from a large, middle-class family. Both of his parents spend their time working, so he's always been in charge of looking after his siblings and upkeep on the house. This is the first time he's been away from home to chase his own dreams of becoming a popstar, and he misses his family dearly. Knowing they'll watch him on TV every day gives him strength. Archie is quick to accept praise, even from himself, but isn't an egomaniac. He hopes to make a lot of friends during the contest.



Age: 23
Talent: Quirky Personality
Likes: Phone Gacha Games, Singing in the stock room
Dislikes: Pulling Common Cards, Bullies

Daniel is a cheerful fellow who worked a dead-end retail job in a grocery store stocking the freezer aisle before joining Diamond Idol. He uses phone games as a coping mechanism for his mundane life and has developed an unhealthy dependence on them -- and an even worse spending habit. It's those spending habits that have driven him to enter the contest. Daniel's an all around nice guy who will beat up bullies for you but won't walk you home because he'd just get lost.


Phew! With each new Idol-to-be, I can really feel the competition heating up. Remember to check out the demo and leave a rating if you enjoy what you see! Bye for now.

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night!


Idol Spotlight - Part Three

We're back again, idol fans, for another Idol Spotlight! Today we'll introduce another three of our contestants, ready to put their fates in the hands of your votes.


Age: 24
Talent: Beautiful Voice
Likes: Board Games, Card Games
Dislikes: Other people his age, Pay to Win/Free to Play Video Games

Nigel is a disgruntled office worker, filled with contempt towards a great deal of things, especially his peers. In the past, he had trouble with addiction to microtransactions which has made him resentfully seek joy through activities he considers more productive and worthy. Most of his free time is spent volunteering around his community; he especially enjoys helping out at the local senior center running bingo and bridge tournaments. He gets along well with older people.



Age: 34
Talent: Lots of Experience
Likes: Pirates, Clothing
Dislikes: The Movie Industry, Loud Noises

In his youth, Oliver was legendary as an actor and diva who appeared in countless roles as young girls, from horror movies to romcoms. His popularity was phenomenal, his face appearing on billboards, commercials, merchandise, and more. He even won an election as mayor of a small town. However, his fame faded as he grew older. He has joined Diamond Idol to try to recapture that fame using the only skill set he has. Oliver torrents movies to spite his old line of work.



Age: 20
Talent: Charismatic Dancer
Likes: Comic Books, Sleeping
Dislikes: Coffee, Slackers

A quiet boy who grew up in the mountains near a small town, Nikolai was never very popular in school and was someone easily overlooked. He's done his best to change his image, but little is known about the training he underwent to do so or his homelife. Nikolai's dour and serious personality is flipped upside down when he's performing; his dance and charms capturing his audience easily.


That's a wrap! Curious to learn even more about our contestants? Then be sure to check out the demo and leave a rating if you enjoy what you see! Until next time...

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night!


Idol Spotlight - Part Two

Welcome back to another Idol Spotlight! Let's introduce three more of the men waiting to show their killer charisma, dance skills, and lyrical talent on stage!


Age: 54
Talent: Natural Charm
Hobbies: Travelling
Likes: Dogs, hard candies
Dislikes: Dishonest people

Lanford joined Diamond Idol without any hope of winning, knowing how much his age would be a handicap. He's competing mostly for the experience and in hopes of gaining exposure. Even so, Lanford is a very confident man who simply knows his limitations. His love of travelling has allowed him to pick up several languages (though he's not as fluent as he thinks). An unstoppable flirt.



Age: 29
Talent: Vocal Range
Hobbies: Motorcycles
Likes: Math, His Motorcycle, Men
Dislikes: Conflict, Bad Coffee

Chris was the lead vocalist for his brother's garage band but quit in order to compete in Diamond Idol. Leaving the band has driven a wedge between the brothers' relationship, but Chris refuses to let that stop him. When not singing, Chris puts his time towards tinkering with his motorcycle. He thinks he is quite suave but gets easily embarrassed when a cute boy flirts back at him.



Age: 23
Talent: Jack of all Trades
Hobbies: Photography, Paranormal Investigation
Likes: Ghost stories, Abandoned Places, Mystery Novels
Dislikes: His anxiety, Heavy Contact Sports

Jasper is the son of a detective and a huge fan of the previous winner of Diamond Idol, The Prince of Ice. He has dreamed of being an idol for years and practiced a lot; however, his social anxiety has always kept him from the stage. Driven by a chance to dance with his role model, Jasper is doing his best to perform. He claims he can see ghosts.


That's all for today! Remember to click the download link to try out the demo and leave us a rating if you enjoy what you see. Stay tuned for the third installment!

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night.


Idol Spotlight - Part One

It's time to meet the competitors of the second season of Diamond Idol, a reality TV show where 15 men compete on stage to be crowned as the new number one idol. On today's Idol Spotlight, we'll be introducing three of the men who will put their skills to the test!


Age: 2x?
Talent: Bad Dancing
Hobbies: Cooking, Food Blog
Likes: Food, Being the center of attention
Dislikes: Angry people, Not having fun

Perry comes from a family of chefs and studied under them for years, but running the cafe was never his dream. He started performing on a stage built in the cafe with the sole purpose of making guests smile and laugh. Craving more and more attention, Perry decided to audition for Diamond Idol. He longs to be surrounded and pampered by girls. Perry uses his youthful looks to his advantage, acting mischievous and playful, and manipulating others into doing things for him. Perry's a bit touchy about revealing his true age.



Age: 31
Talent: Melodic Voice
Hobbies: Video Games
Likes: Sweet foods, His fans
Dislikes: His low self-esteem

Ryan is a streamer who does let's plays of obscure retro games and also creates vocal remixes of popular video game music under the online handle DJRye. His fans told him about Diamond Idol, pressuring him into trying out despite him being quite nervous about it. He's always worried about his appearance, knowing that he intimidates others with his large stature and deep voice. Despite everything, he wants to do his best and not let his fans down.



Age: 22
Talent: N/A
Hobbies: Collects Plushies
Likes: Cleaning
Dislikes: Pressure, Germs

A quiet boy who lacks professional training, Justin makes up for it in untapped, raw talent. Justin auditioned for Diamond Idol alongside his friends, although he wasn't too sure what it was at the time. In the end, he got in and his friend's didn't. He tried to press for the reason why, but the host only told him 'you have a good face for it.' Justin is a bit slow to pick up on things and struggles to remember the names of his peers.


That's all for today! Remember to click the download link to try out the demo and leave us a rating if you enjoy what you see. We'll be back next time to introduce more of our idol hopefuls.

May the gods of song and dance bless your souls! Good night.
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