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The people of Gaia once lived in harmony but then a great war began between demons and humans. They waged war against each other for ages, but after a long struggle for peace, they agreed to a ceasefire and worked together towards an era of peace.

Many years later, the demons suddenly start attacking the humans again, rekindling the war that was supposed to have ended years ago. Our hope now lies with a hero, whose teacher and best friend have been abducted. He now goes forth with his allies from a small remote village to go and put an end to the demon's reign of terror.

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PG Blog #2 - Future plans for this mini series.

Howdy ya'll. Jaymonius here with a random blog, mostly here for what I hope to plan with the next gaiden game that I plan to make, but keep in mind, this is a project that will not be that high on the priority list, since I have two other projects I'm working on at the moment. Phantasia 6 and Arcanion: Rise of Magi.

But, what I DO want to try and do for a sequel will be a game where you choose four heroes. And each hero has their own story and takes place in the same world and all. But they're divided between four continents.

Each continent will be home to certain species to which I've called, Humakin, Dracokin, Demikin, and Feralkin.

Humakin - Human
Dracokin - Dragonhuman
Demikin - Demonhuman
Feralkin - Animalhuman

And each hero will be of said race. Now, will these stories be lengthy? Not really, I plan to have each hero have at least four dungeons to complete each, and then the true path where all four heroes face the ULTIMATE EVIL OF DOOM!

But here's where the real thing I wanna add, a LOT of playable characters to join each hero's party, and when they join, they can't be recruited by another hero's run, but there is one condition to which I'll explain.

There is also another feature I wanna add, where you can also remove said hero and inherit one skill that hero has and give it to one of your current heroes in your party, once inherited, they will leave and be unavailable for that one hero, until you play another hero's run. There will be an option to recruit the playable character, or inherit one of their skills, in case you don't want a said hero in your party as well.

This concept alone opens up lots of customization on how you want to raise your teammates in each run through each story.

How I wanna make the game is still on the fence, but I got a good idea on what I'd be doing, though there's still some question on how the mapping will be like though.

As for the story of the heroes, I don't really have a solid plan for what I want to do for each hero. But it's the gameplay I'm really striving for in this installment.

That's about all I have in terms of what I have planned for this game. But once again, it's on the shelf of "to be made" list. If anyone has any opinions on this, be sure to give me a comment and suggestions 'n stuff.

Thanks for readin' :D
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  • 12/05/2018 10:24 PM
  • 08/19/2019 09:49 PM
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It's a little project I made a couple years ago. It was an itch I wanted to scratch really badly, and I saw resources to take care of this itch, so I ended up fully mapping an entire game out of it.

I felt it was kind of a waste to leave something like this so close to being finished so I went and did some finishing touches on the game. I'm just doing a final run of the game before I release it.

It's not a very big game, easily beatable within' 2-3 hours.
It's not playable without the 2k RTP, which is no longer available to download anywhere as far as I saw.
How is that possible? I haven't used a single 2k RTP in this game. O_o;
Check to see if you didn't mix up the old assets with the new assets at some point, but if it's not on the dev's end then I would check to see if you got corrected version of RM2K RTP.
Alright, I updated the game. Turns out I used one or two 2k stock stuff, I just forgot to export them to the folder, hopefully this will fix that tiny problem.
#1: I still don't seem to be able to run it. It still complains that the 2000 RTP isn't installed. I'm not sure what the issue is.

#2: Once it's fixed up, you may want to re-enable the download button. I was thinking of leaving a review after playing.
Alright, I added every RTP thing, and exported the old fashioned way, try it now and see if it works.
It says RPG Maker 2000 RTP is not installed.
I have installed it but it says that...
Can you share the correct rtp?
I think it's because of the version. If you are using rm2k, is it the legal rm2k? Or is it RPG Tuskuru 2003?
i have installed rm2k_107e.exe and 2krtp.exe and rm2k105e.exe

adding FullPackageFlag=1 to the RPG_RT.ini and the game is working.
Noice! Glad it's working! ^_^
but a question...
adding FullPackageFlag=1 to the RPG_RT.ini means that the game dont needs the rtp...
did your game needs the rtp or not ?

is it posible to upload this game:
Phantasia 1, 29mb the first one, not the remake...

and Phantasia 2, 40mb
is it posible to upload this game:

Phantasia 1, 29mb the first one, not the remake and Phantasia 2?

Ha ha ha, not happening. Ever. P1 would see a very very VERY slim chance of coming, but not P2. The two games were just way too horrible.

How you managed to find those two very VERY bad games is beyond me. But hey, that's what the internet is for.

Also, the game did use RTP, but only one or two things though.
That's why I always say to change the name of Phantasia 6 to something like Miriam Phantasia. The sequel number is daunting to prospective players, who often want to start something from the very beginning.
Might be a good idea to do that actually. But even then, the original 1 and 2 are way too dated and aren't part of the canon in the series. A LOT was changed from the original to the remakes that the older games are just pointless to play, for very good reasons.

So there is little point adding them to the site.
I managed to complete this, and I enjoyed it. It wasn't complex, which made it easy to grasp and play. Thank you for making it.

I liked how most of the music files were modified so that they all sounded as if they came from the same instruments. This made the music uniform, like it was made specifically for this game. It was a neat effect.
Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

If you ran across any glitches or anything be sure to let me know!
I've noticed you can take the equipment off of the heroes your not bringing and sell their stuff which seems a bit off to me. I'm also a bit lost who I'm supposed to talk to or where I'm meant to go once I reach the town with the ghost tower. I go in the back of a house and I talk to a girl and the someone appears in the middle of town and 2 guards at the gate who I expected would continue the plot but I can't talk to them so I'm unawares of where to go next (also climbed the tower to the top to find it with noone to talk to either) *_*
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