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PG Blog #2 - Future plans for this mini series.

  • J-Man
  • 06/09/2019 07:45 PM
Howdy ya'll. Jaymonius here with a random blog, mostly here for what I hope to plan with the next gaiden game that I plan to make, but keep in mind, this is a project that will not be that high on the priority list, since I have two other projects I'm working on at the moment. Phantasia 6 and Arcanion: Rise of Magi.

But, what I DO want to try and do for a sequel will be a game where you choose four heroes. And each hero has their own story and takes place in the same world and all. But they're divided between four continents.

Each continent will be home to certain species to which I've called, Humakin, Dracokin, Demikin, and Feralkin.

Humakin - Human
Dracokin - Dragonhuman
Demikin - Demonhuman
Feralkin - Animalhuman

And each hero will be of said race. Now, will these stories be lengthy? Not really, I plan to have each hero have at least four dungeons to complete each, and then the true path where all four heroes face the ULTIMATE EVIL OF DOOM!

But here's where the real thing I wanna add, a LOT of playable characters to join each hero's party, and when they join, they can't be recruited by another hero's run, but there is one condition to which I'll explain.

There is also another feature I wanna add, where you can also remove said hero and inherit one skill that hero has and give it to one of your current heroes in your party, once inherited, they will leave and be unavailable for that one hero, until you play another hero's run. There will be an option to recruit the playable character, or inherit one of their skills, in case you don't want a said hero in your party as well.

This concept alone opens up lots of customization on how you want to raise your teammates in each run through each story.

How I wanna make the game is still on the fence, but I got a good idea on what I'd be doing, though there's still some question on how the mapping will be like though.

As for the story of the heroes, I don't really have a solid plan for what I want to do for each hero. But it's the gameplay I'm really striving for in this installment.

That's about all I have in terms of what I have planned for this game. But once again, it's on the shelf of "to be made" list. If anyone has any opinions on this, be sure to give me a comment and suggestions 'n stuff.

Thanks for readin' :D


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I'd be excited for something new like that, especially if you can pull it off well. I'll be watching and waiting.
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